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Feeling a bit down

Hi all,
I'm a bit down. DH came out of hospital on Wednesday night. The hospital confirmed that he had had a heart attack. It appears that one of his main arteries was almost blocked (others are fine - just appears to be one of those things) so he has had a stent put in to keep it open. It was a minor heart attack though, so there hasn't been a great deal of damage to his heart - thank God. They seem to think he will be fine when all the bruising etc has gone.

I admit I felt very optimistic, as he is still around and he didn't die in a hotel room in Germany (he was away on business at the time), but of course he doesn't feel lucky at all. He is frightened, miserable and more than a little snappy with me and the kids. I have been running around trying to keep everything on an even keel and I feel exhausted now. Sometimes, I feel I want to snap back at him - it isn't my fault this has happened. But I'm hoping that he will soon be back to his normal gorgeous self.

I'm sort of happy that I was on this diet when it happened as I couldn't just down a bottle of wine, so I think it made me feel more in control of things - well as much as you can be in these circumstances. But I could murder a drink now!

I lost 5lbs at the 3rd weigh in, so 14lbs gone in 3 weeks. No doubt the stress of the last few days have helped but even so - I am amazed. Haven't lost anything at all since Tuesday though. Have been nibbling bits and bobs all day but everything has been low carbs stuff and I know I am still in ketosis as my mouth tastes horrible, as usual. From other postings, I can see this is normal, so I'll carry on anyway. Also, have had bleeding half way through my cycle, but I think this can happen on CD too.

Anyone there to cheer me up??

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im no sticker to a diet so i say go have a drink !!! things will soon be back to normal and you can concentrate on your diet . i am sure your hubby is feeling frightened. give him loads of reassurance and it will all settle down ! sending a big hug

Well done on your loss, and i am so glad hubby is ok, he was very lucky.. maybe this is a sign for him to take more care of himself..

I am sending you loads of hugs ....
BIG HUGE HUGS hunny xxxxx

Well done on the fabulous weight loss so far and i'm so sorry to hear about your hubby but like you say he's alive and can and will recover from this. It's not much comfort but he's bound to b a bit cranky as it's a HUGE shock what's happened to him and in situations like that i find that people either change their whole outlook on life or find it very difficult to come to terms with. I'll give u an example...my mum has bi-polar affective disorder and was very poorly for a very long time in and out of hosp etc then 7yrs ago just after her 40th birthday she had a small heart attack within 6 months she was working for the first time in over 10yrs and her mental health was the best it had been since before she became unwell. Yes she was murder to live with for that first few weeks as she was still in a lot of pain and felt very exposed and weak but things DO get better and with love and support from family your hubby will too. Hang on in their hun things will get better and i hope you can stick to the diet if anything you could use this as a reason to spur u on to lose the weight and lower your risk of any health problems.

HUGS xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for the kind words. I'm not having a drink. When it first happened, I simply couldn't eat, so I wasn't coming out of ketosis and I had read the thread about ketosis and alcohol, so it was a no go. Anyway, I have drunk enought to know it brings you down, rather than helps you up.

Reading back through my post, I sound as selfish as hell. It's not really like that. He's my soul mate and I can't bear us to be like this. It will get better though and I am sticking to this diet. It makes me realise that we need to keep our bodies as fit as possible - just in case something unexpected crops up.
take care hunny and well done for being strong!!!!

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