Feeling a bit hopeless today...


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Hi all

Sorry to come and have a moan but if anybody knows what I'm going through it'll be you guys..

I went to class yesterday and gained 2.5lb. I feel really...bleak about this. I was looking at my book yesterday and I'm the same weight as I was on November. It's like two months of work for absolutely nothing. I did get lower, but I gradually gained over christmas week by week. My lowest was 14st 4lb. Over christmas I went upto 14st 10lb. Last week I lost 4lb, but that was over two weeks, and now I've had a gain.

I'm just so gutted. I've been pretty good, I would say I've followed the plan perhaps 80% (couple of days I went a little over my syns, or had a bigger healthy extra than I should have) but I went to the gym five times and burned hundreds and hundreds of cals. I guess I thought that would at least even me out, I never expected such a big gain.

I've lost five stone, and the more I go the harder it gets, and I still have at least 3 stone to lose. And it sounds shallow, but I'm petrified of putting this weight back on. I've done before and I know how easy it is. I never thought I was that unhappy, but when I look back at pictures of myself it's like seeing another person, and I feel really sad for her.

I follow the EE plan, have done for most of last year, over the entire last year I only lost 2 and a half stone, the majority of weight came off in the first few months when I was on green. I dont know if EE is wrong for me. I eat quite large portions, but I thought as they were free foods it was okay but perhaps not? It seems that eating healthily isnt enough anymore, I need to be pushing more and more but then I feel resticted and I dont want that on the diet. I do sometimes find it hard and go over my syns every now and again, but I always used to be able to get away with little things like that.

I just dont know what more I can do. It's got the point where although I go at least 3 times a week to the gym, if I dont go in the evenings, I feel guilty for not 'pushing more'. Like why spend a free hour on the sofa when I could be excercising...

Argh...Just have to keep going I guess. Sorry for offloading x x
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Ok Hun...deep breath!
All isnt lost. Firstly you have admitted that you have gone over a "little" with your syns and Healthy Extras...when you go over with your HE's, they become syns, so you are adding more.
Secondly, you have done really well with the EE plan so far, but maybe your body just needs to be shaken up a bit, so I would suggest you go back to Red and Green for this week. Sometimes our bodies get used to eating the same things and just needs that jolt to get going again.
You can do it, so dont give up!



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Sweetie - you've lost loads of weight so far and should be proud of your achievements...don't let this phase deplete that ok?

I had a slow spot too and I know how crummy it feels. It's hard to NOT feel 'what's the point' but it's well worth sticking to.

You've lost a lot of weight so you know the plan...go back and re-read your books and act like a newbie again. I did this and it's worked.

Don't lose sight of your good work and never feel bad for moaning - that's what we're here for.

Hugs xxxx


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I know exactly how you feel. I gained during christmas and then had another gain last week that brought me back to where I was when I started. This was all despite doing 30mins exercise every day but like you, I had a few "off plan" days. This week however, I have stuck to the exercise and seem to have lost. Please keep at it. You will get there :)

hayley morgan

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwww sorry to hear your having a tough time we all have times like these and although its hard you must find the engery inside to keep going. ive seen a few times during this week where someone has asked the same question is ee for me, only you can decide that. are you doing a food diary? if so maybe get your consultant to have a look and see if theres anything that can be tweaked. when you say free food are you eating more of the speed foods than free food? maybe if you could lower your syns slightly. these are just suggestions that could maybe help. i think the biggest thing is you have to let go of you guilt, when ever i have a gain i never ever feel guilty i just say oh well i enjoyed it and today is another day. i think when you feel guilt it just makes the whole thing worse, you feel guilty so you eat more then you feel guilty again and eat more and then it becomes a cycle. draw a line under the last few weeks and start a fresh. you cant change whats already happened but you can change how you feel about it. hope this helps to get you back on track. dont forget that when you go to the gym your building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. are you measuring yourself although you have gained you may well have lost inches. xx


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5 stone is an incredible achievement and you should be really chuffed with what youve lost!
All I would suggest is to make sure you weigh and measure hex's, maybe you could look at varying them abit more? If youre anything like me, bread is the enemy! Definately do a food diary and maybe some people could give you advice on that. Maybe also try to boost SF and SS foods theyre the key to weight loss on EE arent they!
Dont give up, everybody needs some time for themselves, if you have a spare hour and you want to watch tv, watch tv! We're only human. If you get to down or push yourself too much itll all go pear shaped.
If you had more success on red and green, maybe try than and just keep on top of eating the super speeds and yourll be ok.
5 stone is amazing though, youre an inspiration!


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Mate- most of us here will have felt exactly as you do now, so know you are NOT alone in this.

For what it's worth my advice would be to go right back to basics. Start as if you were a new girl from the beginning- do green days and go back to measuring and writing down EVERYTHING.

I also think you sound a little obsessive about exercising- this doesn't sound healthy to me. Maybe allow yourself 3 sessions a week and remind yourself that sitting on the sofa, reading a book, relaxing with some music IS doing you good- it is important to have a healthy mental wellbeing, not just physical

You have done so well- try and remember your total achievements to date and learn to go a bit easier on yourself. If you want to maintain this success for life you can't start cracking up now- lol.

Good luck



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Ah no that's a typo. It should say Sept 2008...I thought I'd changed that lol. It's taken a year and four months to lose the weight. Half of it came off within the first four months when I was doing red and green days and the other half has taken the best part of a year spend doing EE.. so I think I'm going to try switching back and see if that helps.

Thanks for being supportive everyone. I know part and parcel of this plan is there will be weeks where you wanna tear your hair out, just have to keep going I suppose...

So back to red and green and watching my healthy extras and syns. I might also keep a food diary and if it's still going wrong then at least somebody can look at it for me.

And I try not to be obessive about excercise, but I didnt bother for most of last year and it's something I want to try getting into more this year. Besides, I have serious bingo wings that need taken of lol.

Thanks again guys x x


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Can't give any better advice than that given above, but just wanted to congratulate you on your big loss of 5 stone. I hope to reach that target one day! You are an inspiration.


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This week not gone much better. Have WI tonight and am not going. I weighed myself on scales Sunday (two days for before class - using my mothers scales which are usually pretty acurate) only for them to show a half stone gain.

I've been following red and green, not gone over my syns once and been to gym three times. Absolutely gutted doesnt cover it. I've been having some stomach problems and due on star week but it wouldnt normally throw me off that much.

Giving class a miss this week as I couldnt bear to have a gain like that recorded. Also think I'll have to give up green and red days, quorn started to make me feel sick and I think all the beans (lol!) were bloating me.

All I want to do is dive into a vat of ice cream. Argh lol


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dont give up - 5 stone is so good - and inspiring to me!!!
I also think you need to think, if you had not been following SW the damage you could have done, i think your dedication to it all is brilliant.

I have so much more weight to lose and know i will get to a point like you have where there does not seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. But there is....so just believe you can do it, you have come so far already!

Good luck - and dont miss you class - go for it, and keep going! xxxx