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Feeling a bit let down with group....


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I'm not surprised you feel let down - like you said you dont expect one-to-one therapy but you do expect to have as much time as everyone else. My consultant doesn't do as much as some that you read about on here - although she has started to do more taster evenings and recipe ideas - but she goes around everyone, no matter how busy the class is, and everyone listens and gives others the courtesy of not talking over them. our consultant always asks at the end if anyone has any questions, suggestions or tips - normally everyone just sits there in silence or gives an odd tip about Muller special offers etc but tonight one of the guys asked about getting an energy boost for playing football which led to a 5 minute discussion of mars v's bananas!! And she always does the 'newbie' talk at the end so she can do the weigh in and then everyone else can leave after Image Therapy.

You can go to another class for a change without having to 'officially' change or pay any extra - maybe try another one to see how it goes, if you like it you can just move over.

I hope your experience hasn't put you off - stick with it hun - and well done on your fab loss this week!!
No wonder you feel fed up I would too. Could you email/text your consultant & let her know how you feel or at least ask the questions you wanted to.

I think it's really rude of people to talk amongst themselves in group, I'd definately mention this to your consultant perhaps next time you can ask them to be quiet, that's what our C does.

Well done on the weight loss you've done really well in your first week.


Alomst there :)
You can go to whatever group you like my lovely :) As long as you have your book and and card and are up to date then you're free to go where you like!! I actually know someone who went to a group miles away from home when she was on holiday!! Now that's commitment! :D


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it shouldn't be like that at all! is there another time/consultant available? ... on my 1st and 2nd week I had to talk about my weight loss and then why i stayed the same and the whole place was giving me feedback and telling me what i should change etc, I even have my consultant in my phone if imreally unsure of anything or having bad day she'll talk to me... also she doesn't allow people to talk whn people are talking (sounds strict but she asks in nice way) she makes sure every1 listens to eachother! thats how your consultant should be!

Congratulations on your weight loss :) i is a huge amont to lose for 1st week and not everyone does lose alot so be proud you done it right :) some people who joined with my sw only lost 1-2lb first week (which is a loss Aand gr8 just saying you did really well)

it be sad not getting feedback you need when doing so well :(
Well done on such a fantastic first week - that is a great achievement :D

I agree that the group should be more supportive. I also agree that maybe a quick call to the consultant to explain how your feeling might help. Sometimes if things have been the same way for a while it just gets to be "the norm" the C may not even realise how it makes newbies feel.

I hope you get the support from the group - at the end of the day thats what your paying your money for wether it be £5 or £50.


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There were a lot of newbies (I think there might be some magazine offer as they all had pages from a magazine) and so their inuction took longer (two people even left before getting wrighed at the end).

this is probably an exception, this always happens when there has been a promotion or when the consultant has been leafleting for example. A lovely lady who sat next to me last week came over and asked how I did and congratulated me - which was lovely especially as she hadn't had a great week - but she needed to leave as she had something to do.

During IMAGE there were some definite cliques who were all talking amongst themeselves It always niggles me when people mention cliques at groups. These are not cliques, they are groups of friends! I've been going 3 years and if you came to my group and saw me, you would think I was in a clique. I'm not. I sit with the same people each week (the same seats as we are there very early so we can have a pre WI chat), we know each other very well as we've been going so long but it is not a clique. There are other little groups of friends, mostly made up of people who join at similar times. and I couldn't even hear the consultant at times, this is annoying. the consultant should ask them to be quiet (this happens at my group too!) the consultant forgot my name which meant my loss wasn't read out until the end, even then I had to tell her as she couldn't find it on her PDA. she is only human, if you are new and she has lots of members it will take her a while to remember all names - like a teacher with a new class! I got a clap before everyone started talking again, it's not that I wanted my loss to be the headline of the night - I am doing this for me - but it was so close to the end and rushed that I didn't get the chance to really ask my questions and get feedback on my approach and choices which is the whole reason I want to go to a group. Sometimes people don't get as long as they would like, especially if it is towards the end of image therapy. If my C spends longer on the people early on in IT then the last few are rushed as we run out of time. This is a pain,especailly if you hav things to ask but what I would say is, ring your consultant or send her an email. They are there to support you outside of class times.
I think it was summed up for me when I had waited for my turn to actually see my consultant to hand in my food diary and someone just pushed in (and I promise I am not a wallflower) to tell her about the fact that people put pictures on facebook of their meals - without being harsh, I doubt this was an epithany for my consultant.

I guess my question is; is this how it is likely to be every week? My first week was BH Monday so perhaps it was just quiet? I realise that my £5 does not buy me private time with my consultant but surely I should expect people to listen to me and provide feedback?

Sorry for going on, but I needed a rant. I did have a mini-binge, a little bit of a pathetic one as it was on plan and synned but still food I didn't need to eat......
Sorry if I have gone on a bit but people are so quick to say consultants are bad/wrong/insensitive and tell you to leave group and find another but I think you need to give it a bit more time.

Most classes are the same format - names and losses/gains read out, clap clap, quick chat and move on. Little groups who know each other well, a bit rushed towards the end in bigger groups but give it chance.

You've had a fab first week, don't let your first experience of IT put you off :)
I think it was probably just a one off, and maybe you need to give it another go

however I know if it was me and I ever lost 6lb in a week (which is very impressive, well done x) I would expect the group to be taking that in and asking me for feed back so it would annoy and upset me as well

You can change group whenever you like, it is best you are 100% comfortable with the C, the group, the style of the group. None of it is wrong or right but instead down to the individual

I re-join class next week, and fully intend to go to as many as possible next week to work out which one is for me :)



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As others have said, please don't let this experience worry you too much.

Other people will have been going longer, and will have come to know each other, or even have starting coming to group together, so it's natural to feel a little awkward at first.

I feel awkward everytime I stay to class (being the only male doesn't help), and don't really get chatting very much, so it means I do leave after weigh-in some of the time, but I realise that after a while, other new members will join, often on their own, and they will be in the same boat as us.

Give it a bit more time to see if you can integrate better into the group and feel more involved. If not, there should be plenty alternatives around on different days. I would change my group, but as it's next door to my house, I can't be bothered :eek:


Will be thin god dammit!!
My group is apparently one of the largest in england, around 150 members and around 2/3 stay so we dont discuss individual weight losses but the consultant will high light a few, maybe big losses or gains to give and get feedback, also she then asks if anyone wants to discuss their week.
It can get very noisy etc and its up to her to calm it down.
I think you should call or email your lady and at least give her the chance to explain and maybe rectify the problem before you move to another class.
Well done on your loss BTW :)


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I know exactly how you feel Sparkles. When I first started Slimming World I went to a group a few times and really didn't enjoy it. There were little groups of people who obviously kew each other well as they had been going for a while, but they would sit there talking and giggling while peoples weigh in results were being read out, and made no effort to try and make newbies feel included. It made me feel very uncomfortable and I didn't enjoy it at all. I also found that the Consultant wasn't very helpful or approachable and not much advice was given during the session. In the end I decided to give another class a go. It is a bit further to travel but the Consultant is lovely and I feel much more relaxed there. I definitely think trying out a different class is a good idea, as it made a huge difference for me. Good luck and congratulations on your weight loss so far! :)
My experience of sw was similar, and thats why I tend to be quite negative in my opinion of the class. I was made to feel very unwelcome, on more than one occassion, so have now officially given up on their classes.

I really don't like the layout either. But thats just me, and I always say thats why theres such a variety of clubs and groups out there - we all like different things.

But that aside, I love extra easy lol, its fantastic!

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