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Feeling A Bit Miffed....


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I weighed myself on Sunday and I was down to 14.12. I was well chuffed, I was 15.2 at WI last wednesday, so i thought i was up for a 5lb week. I weighed this morning and Im back up to 15!!! So looks like im heading for another 2lb weight loss tonight!!

As I still have SOOO much to loose, I was really hoping for faster losses than this. Its getting me down a bit now.

I dont think it will cause me to fall off the wagon, but the thought it will take me longer to lose the weight is bit upsetting :break_diet:
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Chin up pup - there will be big weeks ahead. Your bods just doing its thing. Don;t let it get you down - focus more on the GOOD part of it all, like all your new clothes, etc.

I went weeks and weeks and weeks with good losses, then for about 3 or 4 weeks, I only lost OUNCES!! LOL But, I knew it was OK, cause I hadnt done anything different - its just what it is. But it ALL catches up with itself...don't worry that pretty little face of yours! Trust in the plan, trust in the progress, and trust that the END WILL ARRIVE - and at the end of the day when yu look back - this whole time on the diet is merely a BLINK OF AN EYE compared to the years spent heavy. ;)

You are doing great!!



Is back in the saddle!
These things always seem to happen when you are about to tip over into the next stone too!!!!

You're doing fine though, don't let it get you down. By Monday you'll be well in and you never know, tonight might surprise you!
get rid of your scales!!!!

i locked mine away after i got obsessed with weighing myself. i was convinced one week i'd put on and when weighed properly i'd lost 3 - so i'd spent a couple of days really down - not what you need when on LL

i found waiting for the weekly weigh became much more of an event and i really looked forward to it.

you don't need to weigh yourself. you WILL lose in LL ( as long as you are sticking to it) there is no way you won't.
even if the odd week you STS it will come off - at least 1 stone a month.

do yourself a favour and ditch the scales for now
daisy x
I weighed myself on Sunday and I was down to 14.12. I was well chuffed, I was 15.2 at WI last wednesday, so i thought i was up for a 5lb week. I weighed this morning and Im back up to 15!!! So looks like im heading for another 2lb weight loss tonight!!
Exactly the same happening to me this week! Don't forget - weight varies week to week and day to day and hour to hour due to all sorts of things - water retention, totm, weather conditions, body temperature etc etc.

Also weight loss does slow down as you get further into abstinence. I should have been at goal about 2 months ago if my losses had continued as they were in foundation.

Chin up - 2lb will be a good loss - and what other diet guarantees that week in week out?



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Thanks Girls - Im feeling REALLY down today!

I think now Im back to work, Im really struggling to get my head round there is no 'me'time anymore!! I havent stopped for 3 days!! (unless i am sleeping!)


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Hugs Mel
I know how you feel, I lost a pound on my scales yesterday morning and in the evening at weigh in on her scales I stayed the same. The week before last I lost 2, I too have been getting down thinking I'll never get there if I keep having weeks like that. I guess we both need to heed BL's advice - we'll get there and sooner than any other way. Still it's hard tho.

Don't forget you are probably more tired than usual with going back to work - and having 2 little ones. I know well that things can seem all the bleaker when people are tired.

Here's to bigger losses next week and the week after for us both.

definately definately definately throw your scales away! (or at least hide them in your wardobe!)

Weighting yourself at home all through the week will do you no favours at all! Body weight is a funny thing, it changes throughout the day, you are almost always heavier at night than in the morning, and can go up/down by as much as 6bs within the course of a day.

Even in abstinance you can be heavier on Thursday than you were on Tuesday, then lighter on Friday than you were on Monday! And there's no point making yourself stressed or feeling down by weighing yourself at home and not liking the results, 'cos you're more likely to lapse if you are feeling that way when in fact there is no reason to feel that way!

The important thing to remember is that, so long as you don't cheat and stay 100% having only your 4 packs a day, it is biologically and physiologically impossible to gain any actual weight (fat) or to not lose weight! SO if your weight does appear to go up, it is water, plain and simple :)


Enjoying life!
No to home scales!!! Mine were put away weeks and weeks ago and I am far more relaxed without them and listening to the LL scales.

Don't mess with your emotions!

Kat xx


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I think I may take you guys up on the advise to chuck the scales!! I lost 2.5lb tonight!

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