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Feeling a bit odd today?


Fed up of being fat
Im on the 790 plan and its my 3rd day. The last two have been absolutely fine, however today Im feeling a bit "spaced out", not quite with it, head feels a bit "odd-ish / light headed"?

Is this normal, do you think perhaps I need more water more regularly?
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Cambridge Counsellor
Light-headedness is either lack of water or too much water. So sip water gradually throughout the day, and make sure you're getting enough, but don't gulp it down in large quantities all in one go because that can make you feel under the weather and mess around with your sodium levels and your electrolytes.

It is quite common though, and usually not anything to worry about as it goes with the right quantity of water and a bit of a rest.

Don't forget when you get up out of a chair to do it slowly, that can also make you feel light headed.
I too have been having odd feelings, plus lack of concentration. I think it's just our bodies adjusting. I just had 2oz of my chicken (the other 4oz will have tonight) plus a cup of tea and feel better. Maybe you could try a little of your protein allowence and see if that helps.

I'm sure it will pass after the first week or so :)


Cambridge Counsellor
That's a good idea, and is also something I do when I'm having an odd moment.

(Mind you, being odd anyway, my odd moments don't usually have anything to do with the diet!)


Fed up of being fat

I did actually have a few pieces of my chicken allowance just after I posted. Just have a headache now ... lol ... although I think that might have more to do with my two lovely kids rather than the diet? lol

Thinking about my day today Ive been rushing around loads, dont think that helped the feeling either.

Just about to have a hot choc now, and not do anything for the next 5 mins!!

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