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Feeling a bit ranty


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Gahhh!! Chill me out fellow minimins please :(
I'm so grumpy and tired and just ate 3 biscuits cos of this. I just lost my rag with my two year old cos she wet herself and my husband has just fecked off to have a bath before he goes out tonight. I don't begrudge him that (I was out last night) but it's truly the witching hour kids wise 13,7,6,2 and I am peed off with preparing food they never eat that I then have to chuck out which is hard cos I hate waste and I'm a fatty and it's a constant battle not to eat their leftovers.
I'm now eating their sweets so will hare myself even more after that
* sorry for self*
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Chill please & stop beating youself up, being a mum to kids is hard enough on a good day without you being so hard on yourself as well.

Once hubby isout out the kids in front of a dvd and go have a bath. xx


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Ah thanks salsa! My big daughter has taken my little one up with her to "hang out" and the boys are playing Lego in their room! Having a quick glass of wine with hubby before he goes out then the little ones will go to bed and big daughter and I have Sex and the City 2 to watch and a chicken in the oven :)
I reckon it's pyjama time for me!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I read that as Feeling a bit RANDY :eek:

It's difficult with 2 wee ones but 4 :eek: you deserve a medal. Try step away from the biccies/sweets you'll end up more annoyed with yourself.

Chillax & enjoy your evening watching your DVD XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
hi hun hope ur feeling better now rant as much as u like have a good weekend x
I've just come across your thread. It's such a long time since my two were like that & I remember how hard it is. There is no easy way to deal with it, but it won't last these times will get easier.

I used to treat myself with a glass of wine once the kiddies were in bed & all was quiet, it had such a calming feeling.
PinPat-that could have been me yesterday-- lol- I hope you ok and got through it ok- and had a nice relaxing evening- I had the whingy kids the whingy hubby ( and he wasn't even going out to give me space) and the sex and the city dvd- and I was like a demon!!:(
Was the dvd any good??? - I forgot all about watching mine!


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Well it's Monday morning and they are all beggaring off back to school and work (hooray)
I am going to do some more sorting and eBay listing and some exercise and tidy my little study (aka a corner in the playroom) in the relative peace of just one 2 year old :)
Thank you for your kind words. It is hard sometimes

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