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Feeling a bit rubbish:(

S: 17st7lb C: 14st3.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 3st3.5lb(18.57%)
Hi, Im very close to losing 2 stone which is fantastic i know :).
I do have a long way to go and im wondering if losing weight and being in between sizes is making anyone else feel like i do. Im disliking any clothes that are plus sized. Its starting to get annoying as i walk in a shop and walk straight back out !:cry: Its frustrating as i need to get new clothes as all my old ones are beyond using a belt now lol they are hanging off me and look awful. Im trying desperatly to lose more weight so i can get in to smaller clothes quicker lol

Is this just me ? thanks for reading xxx
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S: 17st11lb C: 16st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st7lb(8.43%)
Hi there....

I get where you are coming from... when I have lost weight previously I have refused to buy anything until I got to size XYZ ... and with hindsight it was a daft idea as I end up walking around looking like a bag of poop tied in the middle :eek:
This time -the minute something is too big I have passed it on and replaced it -I know it sounds a waste of money as Im still shrinking BUT if it keeps me motivated then its worth it,,

I have fallen in love with La redoute (they have a great sale on ;)) so I have just ordered nearly £480 worth of stuff for £120 -and I have got 6 pairs of trousers, 7 tops and a couple of other bits for that.

I now find myself refusing to even look in the plus size section -"on principal" :p -Im now in 18/20s -hopefully I will lose the 20bit ;)

Have a look on la redoute or bon prix .... hopefully you can pick up a few bits to see you into the next size...
ooohh and well done on your loss so far :clap:

S: 17st7lb C: 14st3.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 3st3.5lb(18.57%)
Thank you so much :0 Im so glad its not just me was beginning to wonder. I will have a look as im not liking anything atm that new look or evans have to offer. xxx And im not small enogh yet to fit in to much else from any other shops :(


Slowly but surely!
S: 17st5.5lb C: 16st5lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.95%)
Hi Hun, well done on loosing so much so far!

When I started my long journey (seems ages ago lol) I was a size 22 and I refused to buy anything from a shop until I was a 16, but as I obviously needed clothes I bought cheap clothes from Ebay or charity shops to get me through, although ive been a 16 for a few years now and still not happy so loosing more, I guess I cant be satisfied hehe

Good luck with the rest of your journey :)
S: 17st7lb C: 14st3.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 3st3.5lb(18.57%)
I never thought of ebay. You ladies are full of great ideas thank you so much :) Sounds like i will be clothes shopping for my birthday and for christmas :D xxx
S: 16st2lb C: 15st11.5lb G: 13st7lb Loss: 0st4.5lb(1.99%)
I'm the same! I'd say I'm currently a 17!! :) Have you got any "old" clothes that got too small that you could perhaps fit back into now? I went through all my old stuff a few weekends ago, chucked out a load which are now too big (funny, they were way to small at Christmas!) and found a couple of things that I can now fit back into.
S: 17st7lb C: 14st3.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 3st3.5lb(18.57%)
sadly for me all my old clothes are far too big this is the smallest ive been i think :( xxx


Full Member
S: 16st4lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 1st10lb(10.53%)
i'm having similar problems with clothes, being in-between sizes, and also different size in different brands.
i've bitten the bullet and bought some new work trousers in an 18 as my old size 20's were hanging off me. tops don't seem too bad at the minute so i guess i've lost weight of by bottom half 1st (fine by me :p )

my saving grace has been my sister, she lost 3 st on SW and got go target last month so she has passed me all her 16's and 14's that she wasn't wearing for that long.

my plan for tonight is to sort my clothes into sizes and bag them so that when i'm ready for the next size down i can just ship the bigger size out and move the smaller ones in.

i've put my weight on over the last few years and i'm a hoarder so i've got clothes in every size from 12 to 20, hopefully this should cover me as i descend to a size 12 again :)

congratulations on your loss so far and good luck with the rest or your journey x


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S: 18st7lb C: 11st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 24 Loss: 6st8lb(35.52%)
Standard I would imagine.

I had an absolute nightmare on my 'journey' - my suit which fitted me perfectly started to hang but the next size down was a bit tight. It's also so expensive!! All worth it in the end though when you finally get there, put on your new clothes and think 'YES!'


Onwards and downwards!
S: 16st0lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 4st9lb(29.02%)
I know exactly how you feel hun. I've been stuck between sizes for over a year now and don't have many items of clothing as I just hate shopping being the size I am. I'm wearing size 16 and losing weight really really slowly, so although they are pretty much hanging off me I still cant fit into a size 14 which is so frustrating. People have recommended trying different shops as sizes vary, but I gave it a try and just ended up feeling worse. I was like you, walked in and straight out again.

You are definitely not alone though hun, I think we all go through these struggles at some point during our weight loss journey. You are doing so so well though, and if you stick at it I'm sure you will be in that small size in no time. Just try not to focus on it too much as it might get you down, just trust that if you stick to the plan it will happen.

Good luck on your journey :D
S: 19st5lb C: 15st11lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 3st8lb(18.45%)
Sounds quite normal to me - as soon as a new size fits OK, I just think it's not worth buying it just yet because it won't fit for long, and I'll make do with what I've got.

But if you don't feel good about yourself on the outside, you won't feel good on the inside, so get yourself something that fits - trousers I think are the worse to be wearing in the wrong size, whereas you can perhaps get away with a top, or and elasticated skirt etc as they have a bit of leeway in them.

Try charity shops - you can get some nice stuff if you are prepared to scour them a bit.

I suppose I am quite "lucky" in that I have a ready made wardobe ready and waiting for me as I shrink down... it's all the stuff I bought whilst on the way up!
S: 11st1lb C: 9st4lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 1st11lb(16.13%)
I don't think being tall has anything to do with it - I'm very short and have only gone down 1 dress size. Then again, maybe I was bursting out of the next size up previously and in denial...:confused:

I always assumed it had something to do with my height. I also find that it's harder for people to guess my weight accurately, because apparently taller people "hold their weight well". I dunno, I just find I can lose or gain about a stone either way and not change a dress size (though admittedly clothes will feel a bit looser/tighter!)
S: 16st8.0lb C: 14st4lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 2st4lb(13.79%)
I've been the same! I'm unemployed and really don't have the money to spend on new or second hand clothes. What I've been doing is only replacing my trousers because when they're falling halfway down my arse with every step I take, they make me feel the worst.

My tops are baggy and make me look bigger than I am but I can deal with that. I've decided that when I'm down to a 14 I will treat myself to a few new tops, but probably only something cheap. When I'm at target my mum has promised to take me shopping, I can't wait!
S: 17st7lb C: 14st3.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 3st3.5lb(18.57%)
Thanks to everyone for all the support and i got weighed this week and i have now lost in total 2 stone 1 lb :D. Eveytime i get a new award it gives me motivation to carry on. With all of you lovley people to give great support and advice when needed I know I can do it. Thank you all very much . Good luck with your journeys :) xxxxx

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