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Feeling a bit sorry for myself

So I had a planned day off on Sunday. It wasnt ideal just two weeks in, but I was happy to do it. It was a special occasion and I knew that I would want to have a few drinks.

What I had forgotten was how HUNGRY even a slight hangover makes me and I ended up gorging on food yesterday.

So annoyed with myself, I thought I had more self control than that.

Anyway, I am back on track today, thoroughly kicking myself and dreading my weekend weigh in, but just trying to put it behind me and use it as a good reason not to do the same in the future.

Anyone else been in a situation like this?

Dee xx
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Quite a few of us!! I've always felt so bad (physically and emotionally) the next day that I've got back on track straight away. I've had to struggle my way back into ketosis several times and that is what keeps me on track now. That said, I have been craving a few glasses of wine for 5 days now and not sure how much longer before I cave again lol.
Put it behind you. What happened happened and you can't change it. We're only human and you would have to be a bit obsessive not to cave occassionally. This is a very tough diet and we're all strong people for doing it :)


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i am always leting my self down babe, really binge somedays it has happened twice in 6 weeks so not too bad, like every1 says it takes more guts to get straight back on, i still lose even if it is only a pound or so, it is still better than putting it on.
I used to beat myself up, but this last two weeks i have been strong, as i hate the way it makes me feel, and like u, i am brave enough to admit it. it takes alot to admit u caved but more to get sraight back on, u did well being honest cause if u lie, we get nowhere, learn by yr mistakes and i am proud of you. x


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The important thing is to get back on track and put it behind you - life is too short for regrets - learn and move on. I just had a week "off" on holiday and put almost 10lbs on - thoroughly enjoyed the week and have done TS (more or less) this week and most of it has gone - my losses are very slow now being so close to goal so am grateful that I got straight back on and got rid. You will not have done too much damage I am sure and if you stay on the plan for the rest of the week I bet you will lose - it may not be a lot but you should still get rid of some of it. Good luck.
Bren xx


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I think part of learning about our relationship with food is dealing with situations like this. Don't give yourself a hard time about it and feel negative, this is attaching too much negative emotion to food.
I agree with Quak who made a positive out of enjoying being a bit naughty and then got straight back on it.
Let's face it, when we are all skinnymalinky's we'll have the odd pig out now and then and probably won't even bat an eyelid about it.
Don't be hard on yourself, no-one is perfect 100% of the time, you wouldn't be normal if you were x
Well everyone has said what needs to be said. Just remember this horrible feeling and next time you want to cheat remember how you felt. It might stop you from doing it again.

I have not been there but I can only imagine how bad you feel, but like everyone says get back on it, learn from it and carry on


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Ive binged and beat myself up .I like being in ketosis it stops all the hunger and also i feel a bit high hehe i cant stop chatting sometimes it drives my oh crazy xx Hope you feel better soon and good luck on your loss!!
Aw thanks guys, it really helps having you all here! I got a bit bogged down with work this afternoon or I would have replied a bit earlier.

But I really appreciate it, it really helps having people out there who understand.

Onwards and upwards eh?!

Love you all xx

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