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Feeling a bit sorry for myself...

This story is best described in pictures.

This was in August 2008. When I decided enough was enough and I wanted to lose weight. At this time I weighed 17 stone;

I then did really well and lost a lot of weight, this photo was taken this time last year and I was 12 stone;

Sadly, after this, I ended up giving up on dieting and have since put on most of the weight I lost. This is me from a party last week weighing now 15 stone.

I feel so down and horrid about it all.
I knew i'd got fat again but seeing it in photo's really hurt me.
I started up Slimming World again yesterday but I know just how long a road it is and i'm feeling so demotivated about it all.
Logically I should look at my thinner self and think "Yes, this is motivation, I can do this again"
But instead I look and go "Oh god, i've put it all back on"

I'm meant to be going out on Friday but I don't want to go out because I have nothing nice to wear that fits anymore because I refuse to buy a bigger size.

I'm just feeling very :-( about it all.

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So you've put on weight. Didn't we all at some point - that's why we're here after all :D

You've decided to do something about it and you will. Think how miserable you are now and tell yourself you don't want to be any more. Let that be your motivation.

You will lose the weight again, you know you can. You have to look forward now, not back. Tell yourself that this is the last time you will weigh 15 stone.



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just sending ((((hugs)))) just wanted to say well done for getting back on the wagon, Was talking to our 'c' last week and he said, he's finding it hard to maintain, but, is going to go to another class to take some time out for himself, but, still do class. YOu done so well in not going back to where you started from, so come on you can do this, if you need to talk just pm me. take care, and good luck :D


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Aww i feel the same as you. But i think you look great you have a lovley curvy figure!! You can do it again just take it a day at a time, forget the 1 st pics and concentrate on starting again xx good luck xx


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Just wanted to say good luck with it all....you have done it before and you can do it again. Took me a while to think that after losing 5 and putting 2 back on, but i'm here again and determined to lose it again and keep it off.


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Don't think about the journey ahead of you too much...just concentrate on it week by week. Remember how good it feels when you weigh-in a bit more and a bit more comes off each time. You can do this again. Even though you have put the weight back on, you still look fantastic and you definitely should not be worried about going out. Good Luck :)
Hun - you are stunning in all 3 pictures!! As far as i can see people rarely manage to keep off all the weight they lose first time round so don't beat yourself up - think more about the fact you have conmitted to it again x
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Mate, you are gorgeous. I know how crappy it makes you feel when you have nothing to wear or dont feel comfortable in what you wear, we have all been there. But in all three of your pictures you look amazing, whether it be 17, 12 or 15 stone you look ace. xxx
Britt - you need to make the promise to yourself you are gonna do it and keep looking at that 12 stone picture to keep your focus (maybe use it as your wallpaper on your phone??)

I think because you HAVE been slim, you know you can do it again.

3 stone = 42 lbs = 1lb per week, you can get back there by Xmas (roughly!!!).

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Great posts from everyone!!!

Think there must be something in the water.....I too lost 5 stone, going from 20 to 15, then put nearly 3 and a half back on. I'm now 17 and a half ish, and beat myself up a helluvalot (also after seeing pics of myself that my dear 'friends' put on facebook). I too think you look gorgeous in the 17st pic, almost like a younger prettier Liza Minelli. I'm struggling big time to get rid again, has taken me 12 weeks to lose a measly 10lbs......but I know that with the support on minimins we can do this.....so let's keep going :grouphugg: xx
Wow. Thank you everyone for the lovely posts. It's just what I needed to hear :)
*Big hugs* xoxo


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Aw hun. I know exactly how you feel. I used to be bigger and slimmer than I am now. Sometimes I just get so mad at myself that I got back to this point. I just want the weight gone and to be back where I used to be now. Its easier said than done, but I'm finding I just have to put it out of my mind and start fresh. One good thing that has come out of it is that I've switched from another diet to SW. I've learnt this time I need something more sustainable rather than depriving myself and being hungry all the time.

You can do this. Everyone on here is here to support you. Just take it one day at a time.
Wow...I wish I looked as good at 17 stone!! :cool:

You're here and you're motivated. xx


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Hiya hun, these things happen. Try a look at all the positives.....

1) You look gorgeous
2) You've decided to do something
3) You can trust yourself that you can achieve your weightloss goal, you've done it before
4) You're back on the site and making a positive commitment
5) You've got all your lovely clothes to fall in love with again.

Most of us have gained/lost/gained/lost. I did it twice but once bubba has been born, I'm losing the pesky weight for good

Good luck xxx


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You look absolutely stunning in all 3 photos, wish I looked half as good as that! You have done it before so you can do it again, and when you get there you will remember how you are feeling now and won't let it happen again.

I have not got the guts to put any photos of how big I am on here or anywhere else for that matter, I very quickly untag myself in anyone dares on facebook!

I know how you are feeling about not wanting to go out as you have nothing nice to wear, on Tuesday I met some old school friends some of whom I had not seen since I was a size 10-12, took me ages to decide what to wear and I felt really frumpy until I actually got out and had so much fun that I didn't think about what I looked like, I hope you manage to too xxx

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