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Feeling a little.....

I thought I'd start a new thread, I dont really have any specific I want to talk about just thought I see how everyone was getting on..

Its week 6 for me and although I know I am def staying on lipo til the end of feb (at the very least) I cant help but feel a little bored... I still get hunger pangs - not sure if they are in my head or not, although water or my shake does out that way. I think am just so fed up of not eating anything.. I know that I will not cheat tho as I have such a great incentive (my wedding dress, first fitting 29th Feb) and I want to lose the weight much mnore than I want to eat, I dont even have any sneaky thoughts about cheating to be honest so putting this feeling of being fed up just down to boredom...

I also thought that 11.5 stone would leave me looking slim enough to be happy anfd come off lipo and follow a sensible eating plan - I have not been 11.5 since I was 16 years old! (that is the weight I was aiming for), but being only 5ft 4inch I'll prob still look overweight (as my sis so kindly pointed out to me!) :sigh:Am also scared about loose skin, now I know there are things to do to help and some believe its better to be slim with lose skin than fat but am feeling bit scared about that, as I feel I'll swap one prob with another..

Oh me, someone please give me a kick up the arse!
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hi pineapple

i had similar thoughts this morning funnily enough..the skin thing, boredom etc but what ive decided to do is have one of those disgusting bars a day if just to break up the boredom of the shakes

ive taken to watching tv food programmes of all things and making lots of different foods for the family..not quite sure when i cant eat any of it but hey lol

you must be so excited to have your fitting of your wedding dress coming up

h xx


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The wanting to eat is out of habit rather than hunger, ketosis takes the hunger away. I found the habitual eating very hard.....walk into kitchen and pick something to munch on out of the fridge or cupboard and sit and eat it in front of tv........To get out of this habit I used to post a lot on here or play in the arcade.

Good luck
Thanks for your posts, its strange and I totally know its all down to habbit, I found myself going to get a drink last night whilst the tv adverts were on indtween watching Superskinny v's supersize and I was thinking that I'd prop be eating some cereal or something usually -all bad habbits and prob never really needing it!

I know I am not going to break my diet journey, its just a strange kind of head I have on me today and yesterday come to think of it, I suppose maybe my mind is wondering and going over bad habbits, hopefully at the same time rectifying them!!!

Yes, I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to the dress fitting, I really can not wait! I think thats prob anther reason am feelign fed up, as it seems so long away. Will just keep focusing on it tho and thinking how great I'll feel (hopefully) when I try on the dress and its too BIG! How wonderful wthat will feel am sure!

Works quite quiet also so have laods fo spare time through the day to let my mind wonder!

Have weigh in on Fri also, so I always look forward to a Fri! I love seeing the scales come down and down!
I agree

WE are programmed to eat so just drinking is boring! So in turn we then feel bored. I did not loose at my weigh in, obviously knew why but I missed the buzz of loosing, so I told myself I may of lost an inch or 2! gawd that is wishful thinking.... still finding it hard to walk straight since my kick boxing class on Sunday, I have had to buy a tens machine because I ache so much ... ha ha! we will do this girls! :D


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im getting weighed friday too ..its like i want to go but i dont kind of thing!

pineapple..i actually work as a pa part time in a catering company and the smell of food wafting through the office door is torture sometimes lol

h xx
Hello pineapple (my sista)

You are supposed to be the positive out of the two of us, lol, so keep going. Your wedding dress is going to be huge on you. I cant wait to try on my bridesmaid dress either!

I have my first weigh in on friday, oohhh i soooo cant wait.

Hope everyone is doing well....

Sam x
Hell sis, love the name! That will be you soon enough! Thanks! I am positive, just felt like having a wee moan!! I do still feel determined and I knwo we will do it THIS TIME! Da really ken what am moaning about!

You are doing well and its good to finally have a post from you on here! I canna wait for weigh in either - It funny as I always dreaded the weigh ins when we went to scottish slimmers - mind?! We'd have out chunky kit kat afterwards!! Saddos! Anyway non of that now,we have 2 beautiful dresses waiting for us and we want to have them loose on us when we finally go up end of month - see my ticker count down!! 23 days to go!

Anyway no more talk of me feelign bored, its not even prob got anything to do with the diet, am just fed up up at work really! Only positive words from me for rest of the duration!!!!!


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