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  1. Janey82

    Janey82 Member

    Hi all i'm on my first day of using ss on the c.d and i feel a little bit nervous, i think its because i dont know how my body is going to react to this diet and the last thing i want to do is make myself ill. I'm currently 22stone and my BMI is a whopping 54! so as you can see i desperatly need to reduce my weight in order to get healthy and not send myslf to a early grave.
    I look forward to coming on here in the hope ppl will help me stay on the right path.
    Good luck everyone else

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  3. Ribenaberry

    Ribenaberry Full Member

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    Welcome Janey!

    Well done for making the decision to start CD. It really does get easier after the first 3 days and you will get loads of support on her.

    Good luck

    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    Don't look at how much you have to lose , look at this daily , as you get one day over with , you will go to bed thinking , Yes I did it !
    You will find it hard but worth it ! Remember water ok , you will feel hungry I guess on Thursday , not so much today , so water is the key . Keep posting ok lots of people in the same boat that can help. good luck , hold on tight , its a very bumpy ride
  5. Camille

    Camille Silver Member

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    Hi Janey, well done & good luck with your weight loss journey with CD!! I can't sing the diets praises enough it is working fantastic for me. I too was over 20 stone when I began in May& wearing size 24 clothes my BMI was over 50 too. I am now 5 stone lighter & wear a comfy size 18 clothes so it does work!!
    All the advice I can give is stick with it, come on here for any help, advice, shae stories or just have a rant! Again good luck & well done xx
  6. hanloje

    hanloje Silver Member

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    What everyone else said really, take a day at a time and tick them off, and see the pounds reduce! good luck for your journey and this place is amazing for inspiration and motivation. x
  7. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    welcome hun.
    the first 3-4 days are the worst after that you will be wondering why you didnt do the diet earlier.
    Good luck hun.xx
  8. mushu

    mushu Member

    Cambridge SS
    Every one is right
    take it a day at a time and you'll be fine
    I'm on my 3rd day and the only way i've survived so far is by thinking of it one hurdle at a time
    I'm waiting to get to a week as everyone says the first 3-5 days are the worst so thats my biggest hurdle for this week!

    Good luck X
  9. Big Bird

    Big Bird Full Member

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    Hi Janey just wanted to say welcome and good luck on CD.
    Are you Sole Sourcing or doing one of the higher plans with food to start with ??:D
  10. wannabeskinny

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    well done for making the first step.... ive found this site so supportive you would not believe, friendly and helpful advice in abundance x
  11. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Silver Member

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    Hi and welcome Janey. You stick with it and drink your water and just watch the lbs melt away. Good luck
  12. Janey82

    Janey82 Member

    Thanks everyone for all kind reply's and words of encouragement. My first day went alot better than expected and even today i've felt pretty much "normal" haven't really felt hungry or had any headaches the only thing i've noticed so far is my mouth seems to be really dry. I'm drinking my water and brushing my teeth alot to help, so far so gd.
    Someone asked what plan i'm doing, i'm doing sole source by its self, my doc agreed for me to do it yesterday but not for too long.
    Hope everyone is doing well themselves, look forward to hearing about all your sucesses.
    J xxx
  13. Percy greenfingers

    Percy greenfingers Silver Member

    Well done for joining that's the hardest part, sitting in front of the councellor and saying you need help..Now you've got it and all the support you need here, you're well on your way with the rest of us....
    Good luck!!!
  14. stinkabell

    stinkabell Full Member

    Welcome to CD! once the first weeks out the way and you see the results you'll feel SO good and glad you started

    can't wait to see your progress!
  15. MunchMarie

    MunchMarie not so str8 or narrow!!

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    welcome to the boards and well done for doing ss - you will love it especially when you get your first weigh in result! It definitely works - and quickly too! I am on my 4th week now and my start BMI was 53 and it is now already below 50 which was my first goal. My advice is to write down some goals - bmi's/weight/dress size/things you'd like to be able to do and then tick them off as they happen. Good luck and keep up the fab work x
  16. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    hi janey, best of luck with cd. once this week is over you and you have your 1st weigh in time will fly by :) and so will those pounds!! x x
  17. BBlilsis

    BBlilsis My 3 Furry Amigos

    Well done Janey, you sound like your doing great. This is a great forum for support :grouphugg:
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