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feeling all rubbish

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urgh. rubbish day. couple of weeks actually.

its work really but i suddenly realised today that actually i'm not feeling very well so that might be the main cause.

work's a nightmare, i'm attempting to do enough work for 3 full time jobs in one full time job. i think i should get at least 3 times my salary! :mad:

big boss has been really on my case this week and has had me in tears twice (not that he saw - hate it when they see!). everyone in the office has been so sweet and backing off my workload so i can get anything finished!

:sigh: i was just sick of this week on tuesday so i feel like its seriously dragging now.

i've only been averaging about 2.5 litres of water where i normally do 3 - 4 so am concerned about my weigh in this evening! also been very tearful so thinking it may be a hormone thing (dont get periods coz of my pill so am never sure!!) which could also mean a low loss.

just want to go to sleep!! well weigh in later, hoping to break the 100lb mark so that should cheer me up!

well done if you got this far!! and sorry for yet another work rant! xxx
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(((BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!!)))
You sound like you need a holiday- from work if nothing else! Could you schedule a meeting with your Boss and discuss your workload? That kind of stress isn't good for anybody- hormonal or not!! You not feeling well could all be related to the pressure you're under?


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ah hun. maybe u should call in sick, see how they cope without u. u might be more appreciated when u get back.
good luck for wi.
hope u feel happier 2moro.
x x
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thanks guys.

Irish, the problem is we're such a small company that everyone is overloaded. i've told my direct boss and big boss that i need help and the kind of answer i get is "don't we all" so not particularly helpful! i've been making it well know the last couple of weeks that my workload is out of control but nothing can be done it seems!! soooo frustrating!!

Jenny, its a good idea, and one i have thought of! but last time i was sick (its only happened the once i might add!) they sent the IT guys round to my house to set me up a home office and had to work from there! cannot escape!!

i know i'm one of the lucky ones at the moment, not everyone has a job and mine is quite secure so i really shouldnt moan but god i just cant wait for the weekend! xxx


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hay chin up hun . you doing fantastic . iam new to all this its my first week , but if your loss rate is any thing to go by fingerscrossed for me )))


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oh sarah :( Ive noticed youve not been around much :hug99: I hope work calms down for you soon, it really musnt be nice having to do so much.

I reckon your weigh in will be great and you will get that 100lb mark! I am sure of it :) Keep us posted honey xxxxxx
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oh hun your boss sounds like a prick making you cry i cant believe that! I hate managers like that! Hun you will defo make the 100lb mark i wud be shocked otherwise. I know wat you mean dats the only ting about small companies there really is no one to help.

Id say the hormones and not feeling 100% aren't helping so ill cross everything hoping you get better really soon. Being sick on this diet really sucks so here's hoping wen ur all better work will start seeming better.

Good Luck with your weigh in pet im sure it wil make you feel better.
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Aw, it sounds like you're having a horrible time!

I hope you feel a bit better now! A good sleep may do you good!

Let us know how your weigh in goes. Fingers crossed for the 100!! :)


irish molly

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Such a pity that work is still hectic. Know you probably do this but, try a "to do" list for every day and also a weekly one. Prioritise what absolutely must be done and one or two tasks that you also like doing. As you draw a line through each item,you really get a little more satisfaction and feel more in control when you see it in writing. Also write down a break time, even if only 10 mins and TAKE IT. The workload may still be huge but you will feel more in control if you take 10-15 mins every morning to do this to do list. This worked for me in a similar scenario. take care.

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