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Feeling awful day 5


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I feel really weak and dizzy. I would have thought i'd be in ketosis by now? I haven't got any sticks but i can't be if i'm feeling like this surely? I'm really tempted to eat something, not because i'm hungry but just to feel a bit better. Also i know i shouldn't been but i've been weighing every day. There has been no loss for 2 days. I'm so disappointed, i feel like it's all been for nothing :(
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HI Rolod,
DON'T give in!!!!!

Day 5 was tough for me and a lot of people mention day 4/5 being bad days! I'm sure you probably are in Ketosis if you have followed the plan.....
You can get the sticks from all chemists, I got mine from lloyds,
Are you drinking the right amount of water? also try splitting your packs so you have a 'foodfix' more often... that helped me on a couple of days I felt crappy.....
I'm sure others will advise, but don't eat! Speak to your CDC if you can she will ressaure you!
you will be fine there will be a very big lose in a day and dont give in have another pack if you feel real bad thats what my cdc tells me
chin up hun xxxx
keep focused and dont eat, if you do it will not only make you feel bad for cheating but also will stop you going into ketosis. The first week in my view is the worst, stick to diet 100% and get to the end of the week .
Some people lose weight each day and others will go several and then 3lbs will drop off .

By the end of the week you should be in ketosis but for the time being increase your fluids as alot of side effects are due to lack of liquids and remember why you are on this journey and keep focused.

It will get better xxxx



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I'm just sick of feeling faint. I won't cheat and i'll just take it easy today. I'm meant to be helping to get the stalls ready for my sons summer fair today but think i'll have to give it a miss. I'm so looking forward to when i've got more energy and feeling better.

Thanks for your advice and support

Roz x


I can do this.
I did'nt feel better untill day 7..and i did'nt loose weight untill wi day so hang in, it will happen.



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S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)

you`ll only regret it
read my diary you`ll see how i wsa my first 2 weeks
i felt crap to put it bluntly
i even had to have antiobiotics

you will get through this ill feeling
its your body adjusting

just think when your 6 weeks down and probably almost 2 stones off you`ll look back and think hey i did it

good luck
keep posting and drink plenty

kaz xx


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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
keep going Rolo. Lots of people have struggled around day 5 or 6 but please persevere. Remember why you are putting yourself through this, and in a couple of days you will start to feel much better.

Your body plays tricks on you and tells you to eat but you wont be actually hungry as your body is getting everything it needs from the packs. Dont give up now. Another 24 - 48 hours and you will be through the worst phase of the diet. Stay strong

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