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Feeling awful

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Capri_Gal, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Hi all,
    I've been away for a while and am going to rejoin my group in Saturday. I fell off the wagon in November due to some horrendous family issues and I'm back to my original starting weight.

    I'm really nervous about this rejoin - not going to group as they're fab - but nervous that I won't be able to see the journey through. I am so unhappy about my weight and I cannot remember what it feels like to feel good about myself. I want to succeed so badly but I never seem to get to where I want to be.

    To top off the negative feelings, my husband has booked a summer holiday with a huge group of his family. There are two girls going who despise me (I have no idea why) and the thought of having to wear a swimsuit in front of them makes me want to cry. Part of me wants to use that feeling to spur me on but, as usual, the negative thoughts win!

    Sorry for the rant - just feeling really low
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  3. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Bloody hell love, massive hug to you....

    take it one day at a time, you've got to get your head in the right place. Plan for food for the next few days, take control of this and bit by bit it will start falling into place.

    As for being in a swimsuit infront of them women.... I hear ya, I feel your pain and I understand your insecurities. But you've gotta try to overcome that. You've got a while till your holiday and you're able to do some things to help you feel better about yourself, wether that means diet or exercise. What they think of you is THEIR problem! It's certainly not yours xxx
  4. There is something seriously wrong with the people who despise you. Nice, normal people do NOT despise other people. Whatever is wrong with them, you can't fix it, nor should you try. So simply ignore them - as far as you are concerned, they and their opinions simply don't exist.

    Set yourself small, achievable goals. When you have achieved them, set some more. Don't try to look at the whole task if it is too daunting, look at it in small pieces.

    Where is the holiday? Somewhere really nice? Why not spend some time researching where you are going, finding out all about it and what there is to do (including things which don't involve a swimsuit), so you can really look forward to it.
  5. Issywizzywoo

    Issywizzywoo Gold Member

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling like this. Virtual hug sent your way.

    Well you know the plan & you know it works. I find it's all in the prep, the days I don't is when it goes belly up, literally. This coming from someone who had literally yoyo'd for the 12weeks before Xmas but I want this so badly that I'm not giving up. I joined the January challenge on here to motivate me & I'm taking it 7lbs at a time, maybe you could join us :)

    As for the b!tchy women, I take it that they're in your family group so you can't but avoid them, channel that energy & wouldn't it be lovely to see their faces when a slimmer you heads off on holiday!! Like Anna said, research where you're going, I get bored sitting on a chair whether it be on a beach or by the pool, find places to visit or activities to do, it'll help get your body magic in. This year I got on a bike for the first time since my teens & sooo enjoyed it, did it every day on hols & even got a bike when I got back.

    Hope you have a good week this week;)
  6. Issywizzywoo

    Issywizzywoo Gold Member

  7. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Thanks for all your responses! I have been on plan since Monday and have planned every day up until Saturday (when my HUGE Tesco delivery arrives)!
    I am going to set mini-goals, the 7lb challenge sounds amazing, thanks for the suggestion.

    I'm off to sunny Spain in August so I have 8 months to get to where I want to be - 2st 8lb slimmer! I am going to research the place in a bit more depth for some inspiration right now!

    Thanks so much - feeling a little bit better this morning thanks to you guys!
  8. Issywizzywoo

    Issywizzywoo Gold Member

    August, sure thats plenty of time. 30weeks till August, even if you lost a lb a week till then it'd be 2st 2lbs, very do-able, you know you can do it!!;)
  9. AllyCat123

    AllyCat123 Member

    Good to see you are feeling more positive :). I think you have set yourself a good achievable target and you are defo planning ahead which I think is half the battle! Good luck I'm sure when the time comes you will have a great holiday and look fab! x
  10. Well, that's good to hear!
  11. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Glad you're feeling better. Xxx

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