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Feeling awful...

As i've said i went a bit mad over Christmas and New Year and have been struggling to get back on track. I set tomorrow as my day of getting back to it.

But i'm not making it easy for myself.
I'm currently eating my fourth bag of crisps and had 2 crunchie bars. I feel so bad for it, i hate that i went off plan over Christmas cause i just can't get back to it. I just want to cry and i don't want to go back to class on Wednesday cause i'm too scared and worried.
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I ate my willpower!
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Don't beat yourself up over it Brit. Best to get it out of your system tonight and start afresh tomorrow. Yea, you will likely to have a gain, you and probably most of the other members of your group. The important thing is to find out what the damage is, then draw a line under it and move on. At least you have 2 days of being on plan before WI and 2 days can make a difference.

Re-read any of your old magazines for inspiration. I find that they always re-motivate me. Also, think of how you want to look and feel this time next month, or in 6 months. Then work towards that vision.

You can do it girl! :D
big hugs hun,but dont you think theres a lot of people feeling the same as you,ive been good all day up until 5 mins ago and double choc cheesecake was calling me from the fridge and i just had to have it,didnt even want it...xmas is over its a new year so come on hun you can do it wheres the girl full of motivation gone ???
love and hugs


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Honestly, I am feeling exactly the same as you. I am really wishing now that I had just stayed on track....but I know in reality, thats not really possible.
I have weigh in tomorrow and as much as I am dreading it, I know I have to go because if I don't, I will just carry on the way I am now and gain even more.
Tomorrow morning, I plan to get up and clear out the cupboards and fridge of any naughty stuff and throw it all in the bin. I'll eat SW friendly food and go to weigh in at 7 and face the music. Only I'm not going to face the music exactly!!! I have decided that I am not going to look at what I weigh and I don't want to be told either!! Then for the next week, I'm going to work really hard on the plan and then go back to weigh in next week and hopefully that will put a smile on my face!!!
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Get to class, forget today,Ive just eaten 2 weetabix and feel as if ive put 1/2 a stone on!Dont buy crisps and crunchies!!!You know there are alternatives!!!There, consider yourself told off!lol x

Mrs V

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Hey Hun....
There isnt anything more that I could type that the others havent said already. Just wanted to leave a message for you to hopefully cheer you up.
Come on, we have all to a degree binged over Christmas (myself included!) and boy did I eat!!!!
Back to work today and back on plan after gaining 5lbs, but hey ho...I had a fantastic Christmas!!
Don't beat yourself up over it, get back on track and back on here for the motivation and you will be back to the Brittany that we all know and love in no time at all.



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Hey brittany, i have followed ur thread and you were doing so good, an inspiration, you will get it back, plan and it will come. I go back to class in an hour and terrfied as i went mad to, but we will all get there hun, least we all know wat each other goes thro. keep your chin up love and put those crunchies away lol xx


want to be me again ...
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come on young lady ...its time to get that big smile on your lovely happy face and get back on the plan ...you have done so well and been so supportive to us all we need you honey !!!!!!!
We are all feeling the same as you are its been a long holiday but today is the day to chuck out all those goodies and start a fresh ....keep smiling love ,hugs
gilly xxx


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GO TO CLASS!! Honestly - it's what you need most right now and will help you get back on track. So what if you put on a few pounds? You know it will come off again. Better to face it now then another few weeks down the line!

Good luck. xx
Happy New Year folks - hope this gets to you as it wldn't let me do a title - anyway, how come, 4 days ago, when I weighed myself, the poun dage read 6lb yet after 3 very good days and now on my 4th, it reads 7??!!!! Is it water???? Hope so .... have been going to the gym every day too, so feel quite deflated now .... it's important to me as I'm aiming for 6 good days before I see my mates in Ipswich on Thurs, so wanted to get 6 good days behind me and can't fathom this so called gain.... am on green, lotsa pasta, quorn bangers and loadsa fruit .....


want to be me again ...
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happy new you smig xxx
I think you may appear to gain as your body gets used to the plan again ..i gained 5lb and its taken a few days to start to lose ...
maybe drink more water as you seem to be doing all the right things
good luck
hugs gilly xxx


want to be me again ...
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mine is christmas gain !
Have you just started the diet and going to club ?
can i suggest you start a food diary to be sure you are doing it all right ..others will read it and give you hints and advise ..other than that maybe best to chat to your club councellor
good luck
gilly x
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Im exactly the same. Have eaten and drank like nobodys business since the week before Xmas. My last WI I had lost 13lbs, im scared for this Wednesday!!! At least I have joined up to this forum though so that should keep me motivated!!!:)
Attempted thread hijack lol.

Well so much for my 'back on monday' theory.
I'm not at work, i'm laid up in bed with death.
On the upside i don't feel like eating i'm so ill, downside- i really wanted to go the gym today. lol.

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hi quality brittany. its my first day on sw today and i cant really afford the gym at the moment.
how much exercise should i be doing a day?


want to be me again ...
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Well atleast that got you back on here!!!hehehe
Hope your feeling better soon honey ..take lots of water, rest and parecetomol and big hugs from me xxxxx


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Hi hun, i think you should go and face the music. I had been off plan for 3 weeks and only gained 3lbs. Even if you do have a gain it was christmas and new year, i bet 99% of sw members gain over xmas. Set a date and get straight back on plan, go and do a healthy shop and get rid of the crisps and chocolate x
I did a healthy SW friendly shop yesterday at tesco.com and it's beign delivered tonight.
Just have to wait out the rest of the day as there was no food in the house. Also, got WI tomorrow night for damage control and going back to the gym Thursday night.

Still really ill though lol. x

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