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Feeling bit low on day 4

I am feeling bit low today ( more hungry than usual) the day just drugs on and on . Going to gym after work hopefully that will pick me up a bit :hmm:, and I do feel tired. My first WI is not till tuesday so it ia actually 8 days not 7 it feels such a long way away ... :rolleyes:
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Hugs hun, its just a wobble, hang in there and tomorrow is another day and you will feel better and so proud you made it through a tough day xxx
First week is definitely the hardest! Just take it day by day and the result from WI should be enough to spur you on the rest of the time...


Strong women stay slim
Hi there day 4 here too and yes mood is low , but never mind the end result should out weigh that , just don't think to far ahead . There will be days like this but just think its for a good reason ! Hope the gym picks you up


Strong women stay slim
Thats great , hope today is a better day than yesterday for you !
omg day 5 woke up this morning really,really fancing a toast but stuck to it and had my shake. Then my sister in law came over for waxig and manicure (she is very keen cook) all she kept going on about is what she had cooked and what is nice.She does not know that I am doing CD, than my hubby saying you are going to make your self ill, maybe you loose it and than you will put it all back on.... :cry:heeellppp :sigh:
Ok, give yourself credit where credit is due! You've done so well so far, in coming all this way and no cheating...
Don't let them put negative thoughts in your head. Try writing down a list of as many reasons you can think of for why you're doing this diet. Then write a whole long list of mini-goals so that when you do achieve them you can reward yourself with something nice!
Above all, keep focused. If you stick to this plan 100% you will lose weight. Guaranteed. After you've lost the weight, worry about it at the time no use in worrying now! You'll find a way to maintain weight, as long as you can throw off those negative comments. Do it for you and not for others, and when others see the change for themselves, they won't make negative comments then.

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