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Feeling bloated


Starting Again!
There's quite a few thread about with various aliments. Are you drinking enough water (atleast 2l a day)? The job of the free food is to fill you up so could be it. Also are you getting enough fibre?

Hope that helps

Natt xxx


Slow but sure....
Extra water as Squiddie says, and I also bought some wind releif tablets that helped me, my tummy did'nt feel so bad after I had taken a couple, you body will adjust to the diet, mine did after a couple of weeks.


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since i have been doing sw i have been feeling really bloated and feel really full where i dont want anything to eat
Wonder if it is with the free food i know i have not had much
And als have pains in my stomach too
You really should be filling up on free food, this is the key to making SW work. Is the fact that you are bloated an intolerance to something or is it just a change in eating plan and your body is settling down?

As the others have said, drink lots of water and I agree with peppermint tea for settling the tummy, it's just an aquired taste for some!

Stick with it, eat your A's and B's and lots of free food and you will be fine. Your body is probably adjusting to the changes you have made in your eating.
could be just your body getting used to the diet, i felt a little bloated when i started but it all settled down once i got into the swing of it :)

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