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Feeling blue...(not cd related)


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Well if it's not cd related, it usually boils down to my family. My Dad died when I was a child, and his family are always the ones who reduce me to tears because of their selfishness, arogance and downright tw*tness! Today my cousin is getting married, she is my Dad's Brother's daughter. Now some time ago we had a massive fall out and haven't spoken since. She told me a number of things that were hard to believe, but I believed them due to being nieve. I was told that in school, she was raped by a teacher and had to have an abortion. A few years later, she told me that she had had a miscarriage and had to have the baby taken out of her (which explained the large scar, so I thought across her stomach) Turns out she had a tummy tuck! She had said a lot of other things too, including that her Dad had said that "If our Ian knew her now, he'd be ashamed" (meaning my Dad about me). I have mis-counted the times I have cried over her and her pathetic Parents - so why do I feel sad today knowing she is getting married, and that the whole of my Dad's side of the family are celebrating without me? STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.
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Emma - sorry you are so down. Life really is short hun and I don't think situations like this deserve either your energy or attention. If it can't be changed (is it too bad to repair) then I would try to focus on what is good and positive. You've made a decision to improve your life, you've lost 56lb (yeh!) and you are emerging a butterfly! Try to celebrate this and let others celebrate what they will. Hope you feel better soon. Tx


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Not stupid at all honey and nothing I can really say other than not having the lovely you there will be their loss today, not yours. I also bet if your dad were alive he would be immensly proud of you right now. I lost my dad when I was 20 so know how you feel. Sending you lots of hugs :hug99::hug99::hug99: xxx


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Ah, Sweetie, you can't choose your family, you know that.

My favourite saying here is control the controllable, and accept what you have no influence over....

You cannot change your dad's family, but you can change the way their behaviour affects you.
Inside you know that your dad would be proud of you, no matter what, you are his daughter, not your uncle's.
Remember that your cousin has a propensity to lie lie lie.... how long do you think this marriage will last, if she tells her close family the most outrageous tales. My bet is that you'll be hearing of her divorce sooner rather than later... and you'll never know the real reason for it, because she wouldn't know the truth if it bit her on the bum!!!

Chin up, you are changing your life for the better and that's down to you... nobody else!


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I know you are all right - sometimes I do go a bit below the belt though, like this morning when I woke up and saw that it was throwing it down, and is going to be all day...I couldn't help but chuckle. But then that makes me just as bad...


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it really is true that you can't choose your family (I'd have chosen Robbie Williams to be my husband if it were!), think of your family and friends that you love and care for who love and care for you back, sod the rest!
You're doing so well, don't let things throw you off track - remember how great you are!

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honey, don't let these nutcases rent space in your head ok?

Remember it is THEM who are missing out on having your love and attention. xx


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Hope you are feeling better Emma. I would just cut her off. I hate liars! They sound very immature. It sounds like you are better off without them. You have done so well Emma. Don't let people treat you like that. You deserve better! x x
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Aww Emma <<big hugs>> they don't sound like a nice bunch! You're far too good for them.
Some people are just mean and cruel and disturbed!!!

I never get cards or anything from my Dad's brother and his wife. They don't seem to like me much and my Parents have falled out with them over it. Some people simply aren't worth worrying about, but that's easier said than done.

Hopefully you have other family who are kinder and more supportive - and we're your online family! :) xxx


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Hi Emma

All the responses you have received have been great, but I'm very much with quizzical grll and her straight to the point advice.
Hope that you are now feeling a bit better. Rather like yourself, I am often quite naive and trusting but it can also be a positive trait (people have said that I engage well as a nurse with vulnerable patients, I get a clear feeling that you are a very caring and sensitive person).
Sending you warmest wishes x

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