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Feeling cheated!

Hi everyone!

Well, the best way to explain how I feel is to say I am feeling cheated and its unfair.

I have really good this week, no slips, plenty of water (a couple of day I even had 3 foodpacks instead of 4. I didnt mean it, just didnt feel hungry) and all I lost are 2.2LBS!!!!! And thats it.

I know I lost last week a lot of weight, but still, I hoped it will be at least 4lbs.

Its like I kept my part of the deal, but still got nothing.

I am just thinking, that if I keep loosing 2lbs a week, I might just as well to go back to eating normal food. Back to my organic healthy stuff. ( I never was a fan of chips, burgers, crisps and etc, I like good, healhy food. My problem is portions and cakes. But if I stay clear of them and eat just healhy + excersise I can loose 2-3lbs each week by myself and I wont have to pay £90 (foodpacks + drinks) per week.

Feeling really frustrated now. I will try to stick to the diet for the next 2 weeks, and if I still be loosing just 2lbs per week I might as well stop.

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S: 103.3kg C: 100.1kg G: 72kg BMI: 36.3 Loss: 3.2kg(3.07%)
Try to stick to it by having all your foodpacks even if you have to force yourself! Maybe this will help you for a big loss next week and drink,drink and drink your water. :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:


nearly there!! :)
the fact that 1) u had a brill lost last week 2) that u only had 3 some days actually might have messed ur body up a little bit!!

give it another week, drink ur water, and ALL ur packs then see ur loss and decide then

u choose to do this diet cause the other stuff wasnt working (not been rude). u no it works its just ur body adjusting xxx
Don't give up

Hello Wombat,
You can't play with this plan. You must have all your packs.Have 2 together if you can't space them out. You must drink plenty of water. i've found it needs 4 litres even though they have reduced the recommended amount.
If you are constipated you won't have lost much. A good poo makes all the difference.If you stick to it you WILL lose at least a stone a month.
I'm sitting here (comfortably) in my size 12 skinny jeans. In February I was wearing size 30 black Evans trousers
and would probably have gone to bed about now fat, fed-up and worn out.
Keep it up. You'll do fine.:scale:
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
It's your second weigh in, right? And you have lost 6.4kgs - which if I am right is about a stone....and you are feeling its not worth it??

If you had a big loss last week, you can only ask so much of your body. You have had a great start - and ther will be big weeks and low weeks - we all have those - and there is no other diet, or plan that you can lose 9.5 stone in 8 months! Not that I know of!

Chin up! Patience! Your losses will all add up faster then you can imagine at the moment - but they will. :)
Thanks girls:)

I am not quitting yet, but I still have that feeling that I have tried so hard for nothing:confused::sigh:

I am not constipated, drinking 4l of water every day and still....

Well, guess just have to keep on trying:)
hey wombat. I know exatcly how you feel. I've even had a couple of weeks where I've put on weight but done nothing different than what I'm supposed to.
Slenda is right about having ALL YOUR PACKS as in the weeks i've skipped a few my losses have been small to nothing.
Everything will even out I assure you. People lose differently. Some people in my group lose 3 lbs a week whereas I lose 1lb one week and 6 the next sometimes. It all ends up as a loss though and that's the main thing.
Juts try not to be disheartened. Well done for sticking to it. Your loss so far is great. Don't look at it from one week to the next. Just keep watching that ticker going down!!
S: 103.3kg C: 100.1kg G: 72kg BMI: 36.3 Loss: 3.2kg(3.07%)
Hi everyone, I can't say anything more what has been already said. But Wombat take a look at their weightlosses (forget mine, I am just a beginner) what a champions! One day we will be one of them, we will. So forget this week, bring us next week!
S: 103.3kg C: 100.1kg G: 72kg BMI: 36.3 Loss: 3.2kg(3.07%)
Thank you blond logic :) , I don't no what it is but this time I feel sooo good (on my diet) and I really want to succeed now.

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