Feeling chilly!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by poko, 21 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. poko

    poko Full Member

    Hi, I've been doing Cambridge for 4 days now and sticking to it without too much difficulty. However,yesterday and today I've been absolutely freezing! I've permanently in my dressing gown with a blanket around me.

    Is this normal?

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  3. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Yes totally I'm the same. I'm not sure of the scientific reasons but it's because your body has no food to fuel it. I always get like it when I restrict my cal intake x
  4. poko

    poko Full Member

    Thanks for the reply. I guess the sun might be out but I'll be looking out my woolly jumpers again! X
  5. Cambridgefan

    Cambridgefan Full Member

    I too am frightfully chilly ATM! And I'm nearly 6 weeks in! Brrrrr x
  6. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    I am really cold all the time too. I spoke to my consultant yesterday about this and its a sign of ketosis, apparently - especially cold hands and feet! x
  7. minus117

    minus117 Full Member

    I'm on Week 11 and still freezing!
    Hot water bottle every night, and i even had my boss buy me a wee heater to put under my desk :p
  8. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Oh no!! So it doesn't get any better then??? haha
    You have a very nice boss!!! :)
  9. britstak

    britstak Member

    I am exactly the same. I used to be mesh before I started Cambridge but now I am even worse! I have a heater underneath my desk at work to try and keep my bottom half warm and I sit with a cup of hot water to warm my fingers up. Sad I know but need to do something :D I try to forget about it and just think about all the weight I am loosing x

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