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Feeling cold...

S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
yes its normal!!

Most of us are always cold at the mo, but take heart, losing weight means theres extra room under your jacket for extra jumpers......

hopefully it won't feel so cold once spring arrives!

Hi Jenna,I was really cold weeks 2-3 but seems to have improved now. Maybe that's because I wear more clothes now, have bought a thermal top and turn up the electric blanket at night:). Like you I just think -good, I'm burning fat:D :D!


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st7lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 2st9lb(14.57%)
A few layers of light clothes is better I find that wearing one big heavy thing and if you do happen to warm up, you can take your clothes off layer by layer.

Love Mini xxx
Sounds good - im at work with a suit, so can't really wear a lot of stuff to keep me warm :cry:

at the moment im reallly in craving food - im smelling toast but no one is actually eating toast..

how crazy is that....


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st7lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 2st9lb(14.57%)
You could always get some thermal underwear:)

Heavier stockings....anything that just might help to warm you up.

I find drinking your water at room temperature does make a differece as well at making cd hot soups and tetras.

Yesterday I made a hot chocolate tetra with coffee and it was delicious, it was my last choclate tetra:(

This morning I had a hot banana tetra which to me tastes very like hot custard.

Love Mini xxx
Last night I had a really cold vanilla milkshake and a choc cookie.

I thought I was sinning to be honest - coz I really enjoyed it...

But no, it was indeed LL packs!!!


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Hia Jenna

I drink my water hot. It's like having a cup of tea, but without the tea ... or milk ... or sugar! I warm my hands around the cup, and let the steam gently warm my nose.

I usually have a hot bath in the evening too, and use the hairdryer to warm the bed.
I've been getting so cold I've brought a blanket to work to cover my legs up! It was annoying me quite a lot until I realised that previously I wasn't cold because I had a not insignificant amount of blubber covering me up. As blubber goes, Claire gets cold. And all the super thin people in my office are also complaining, so I feel like a cool (cold?) kid now.

Hot water bottles, wearing sweatshirt and trousers in bed, going to bed rather early all working for me. Primark are selling legwarmers at £2 or so the pair - may buy some of those for the tube journey home! But think of it this way - we may be extra cold when we are doing this in the winter, but we are also not subject to the barbecue tasting tempting.


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Yes, the cold is a side effect. I battle with my hubby over the central heating thermostat. LOL. Extra layers works, socks in bed on really cold nights (SOOOOO sexy) and a hot shake at bed time work for me. Drinknig the water hot with LL water flavours is also good. other than that its a case of putting up with it and think of all that fat burning.

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