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feeling crappy cause


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Oh Hippy I feel for you. I saw a pic of me on Facebook the other day from the New Years party we went to last year and I was appalled I look hideous. BUT not anymore and you know soon you will be able to say the same.
Hope your toothache gets sorted soon. Don't focus on that picture, make a new one in your mind a very vivid one, picture exactly what you want to look like where you will be and what you will be wearing, and just focus on that.

I know when physically one is not 100% its hard to get emotions into a positive light. All you can do is try.

Hugs (( )) for you. Hang in there.
Oh your poor tooth have you tried that clove stuff you get, its suppose to be amazing.

Dont beat yourself up about the photo the important thing now is that you have taken the steps to lose weight and its already coming off. We all have awful photos of ourselves, sometimes it takes a bad photo to spur us on! Keep up the good work and forget about old photos, we cant change the past only the future, Think how good your gonna look in photos in a couple of months time.
I feel for you too. I had my wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks back. It was quite useful being on a liquid diet :) so at least there's a positive slant there!

I also have hideous pictures on facebook from my new years house. I was even thinking of removing them now I'm slimmer but it shows people how much I have actually lost. I put my 14 week before's and afters on fb and it's amazing how many people messaged me to congratulate! Why don't you think of doing the something similar?
Hope you feel a bit better soon hun xx

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