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Feeling down and miserable

Hello everyone, I lost 4lbs this week at WI and I was pleased considering I had cheated practically all week here and there after getting a promotion at work I celebrated as usual with food! So felt quite ashamed of myself.

Anyway still lost 4lbs! Im feeling a bit down in the dumps as I am struggling sooooooooo much with the water. I only manage 4 pints a day and I have to force myself to drink it I just cant bear the taste. Ive tried CD flavourings, different bottled water, different temperature I just HATE water. I get weighed on sunday night and would like a loss of at least 7lb this week. I am still 19 and half stone!

I just feel like everyday im letting myself down by picking at a bit of chicken or ham in the fridge, I know it could be a heck of a lot worse but I just wanted to have a moan on to get it out my system, love to u all

Verity x
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How are you having your water? I fill 1/2 litre bottles and so it doesn't seem so much to have - a few gulps and the bottle is empty. And I try and have 8 of these a day but spread over the day it isn't too bad. Was the water flavourings too strong? I only put a touch in. Which flavoured waters have you tried? Some buy perfectly clear apple or strawberry and kiwi. Take the diet a day at a time and even an hour at a time if you think it is a bad day. And watch those lbs fall off. Oh and have a look at the WeMitt threads as they are especially for those of us who have a lot to lose which includes me with more than 7 st still to lose
Irene xx


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Hiya - sorry you're feeling so low....:(

it's difficult when you're not keen on water....like Irene, I fill a water bottle and take it with me everywhere....and just sip away all day....I find that easier than glasses of water....

also - with the 'picking' problem....have you considered 790 ? that way you COULD have some protein and veg....and might stop you nibbling.....:rolleyes: just a thought....

hope u feel better soon....




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I know how you feel!

I really struggle with the water as well, so you are not alone. I drink peppermint tea which i understand counts towards the water intake and i have mixed in some flavoured waters and as suggested just a very small amount of the flavourings. I also keep a 1 1/2 litre bottle on my desk and make a concentrated effort to keep sipping - but i still feel like i am not having enough and struggle to drink that - at weekends i can get through 90% of the day before i realise i haven't been drinking water.
Someone suggested having the blackcurrant flavouring in hot water - i will try that and see if it helps!
Irrespective, although i struggle too, i have just hit the 4 stone mark so it is worth persevering and trying to stick with the SSing, just may take us a bit longer :rolleyes:
Last word though - do everything you can to get the water down as the weeks i really have gne for it - i have noticed i have lost a couple of extra pounds and of course you don't want to get too far into ketosis - so keep an eye on that :D
Best of luck and stick with it


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Oh and i forgot to say i always add extra water to my soups and shakes - figured that was another way to get a bit more liquid in;)

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