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feeling down

ok my weight last sat was 15stone 10lb..

i started LT on Sunday 27the sept----- and from that my weight has droppin at a good steady pace... but when i was weighed last week i was wearing trainers and it was 3 in the afternoon...

ok so weighed myself at lunchtime there, wearing only trousers and a top and pumps on my feet... and i weighed 15stone 5lb, but this morning i was 15 stone exactly.. im afraid going tomorrow and it being the same as lunch time today... which i will only have lost 5lbs.. which really isnt good enough for me in my eyes....

but to me i have lost 10lb, but the scales might say diff at chemist tomorrow...

i prob dont make alot of sense here.. but feel like rusbbish now x
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You do make sense. I lost 8 lbs in my first week and I was a bit disappointed with that especially when you see people on here who lose a stone or more in their first week. It is true though that the losses even out and most peopl manage about 1 and a half stones in the first three weeks - some have 1 big loss and a couple of little ones, others are more even. Whatever the news tomorrow, if you've stuck Lipotrim and not cheated you MUST have lost a good quantity of weight - and 5 lb is not bad when you consider that you are starting from a weight which some on here (myself included) are looking forward to getting to, never mind going from.
When I'd been at it a week (and for about 2 weeks) I felt a bit fed up and bad tempered so that may account for how you're feeling but believe me it passes and by week 3 you'll feel fine, and liberated from focussing on food so much! Enjoy the freedom. The really hard bit will be learning to cope with food again.

Good luck

oh hun, i'm sorry you're feeling rubbish. this is why everyone will tell you - STAY AWAY FROM THE HOME SCALES!!!

they only upset you! just go by what your pharmacy says, if you stick to it 100% the weight WILL come off. i was complainng when i was in my first month that it wasnt fast enough - but in fairness, there is NO faster way! i was referred for a gastric band before i started this and that still wounldnt have been quicker!

give it time honey, its just because you're head is in the right place you're being impatient. i have sure been there!

oh and 5 lbs would be great! everyone will tell you that is 40 sausages!!
ah hun dont feel down. scales will be different all day long. try and stick to just using the ones at the chemist as they will be prob be different to urs. in my first couple of weeks i was weighing myself every day but now just wait till wi day as it does get u down when the scales dont appear to be moving much.

sure ull have done great when u get weighed 2moro.

good luck hun x x
i thought i wouldnt have made sense to anyone .. i think i am going to hide my scales... when im alone i think about food alot.... but i havnt picked and certainly wont pick either :D.. i am not paying £44 a week to eat too lol no way;) as much as it has been tempting.. im sure we all have or are in the same boat... oh 40 sausages iv lost sounds good.. i could actually eat 40 sausages right now though :eek:



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Did you know that a litre of water weighs 2.2lbs?? When you think how much we take in a day, of COURSE you'll weigh more!! My weight almost religiously is 5lbs heavier last thing at night compared to first thing in the morning- but I KNOW it's not FAT, so never worry!
Wait til your first WI. The average first weeks loss is NOT 14lbs or so! Anyone who loses that much tend to have either a lot to lose, or have switched from a very high-carb diet to LT.
Why on earth isn't 5lbs good enough for you?What other diet would give you those results? As Sarahlou points out- if you'd had surgery you still wouldn't lose that much!
I would've loved to lose that amount in a week- I averaged 2-3lbs, and even gained some weeks! So everyone truly is different.


A little of everything!
mmmm ur right Irishmum... i needa snap out of it..i know im expecting tooo much so i am..

thanks for that ;)
Try not to 'expect' anything, you'll usually be pleasantly surprised! ;)

No problem- we all need a boost now & then, feel free to return the favour when I next make a post where I'm feeling a bit urgghhh? :p

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