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Feeling Down

:( I went for my 4th weigh in yesterday to find that I have only lost 2lbs this week. Last week I lost 3lbs and I just don't know why its coming off so slow. I haven't cheated ever on this diet. My pharmacist thought it was strange and asked me this week and last week if I had cheated which made me feel annoyed as I have been 100% committed, despite feeling close to giving up several times. I drink 2/3 litres of water a day. The pharmacist did say that it could be down to working shifts, as some weeks i have just got up before i am weighed and other weeks i have been up since 5am and I get weighed every tuesday afternoon.

The pharmacist suggested I give up and go onto re-feed considering I could lose roughly the same amount per week on weightwatchers and be able to eat again. He thinks this diet is too harsh to do; to only lose the amount I have for the past two weeks. I felt dissapointed as I wanted to do this diet for 6 weeks and then go back on it after my wedding. Latest i get measured up for my dress is in 2 weeks then I have to maintain my weight - thats the only reason I can't carry this on until the wedding! I don't want to give up though as i want to do 6 weeks, so i bought another weeks supply and have decided to go back to the gym as i did before i went on lp.

Has anyone got any tips or advice as I feel really confused and down about my progress!? I know that i have lost over a stone in a month but i was hoping for more after seeing everyone else's stats and I just wanted to lose as much weight as possible in the 6 weeks that I am doing this. Sorry if this post is long but i would be really grateful to hear from you. x
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Could be down to anything hun... i suggest you keep going, becasue if you loose 2lbs on this diet, you will probably only loose half a pound on WW or SW....

stick at it and hopefully you will have a big loss this week to spur you on...

Thanks lauren. Thats what I thought too - so i decided to carry on and try and exercise this week. Do you exercise whilst on lp? I felt so close to packing it all in yesterday especially seeing as the pharmacist was being so negative towards me carrying on. I find this site really helpful as all you guys are so inspiring and kind. xx


My husband = My hero
your doing so well dont give in!!!

you have lost a stone!!! a whole stone and a little bit! that you never have to loose again!!

yeah i excercise, i run twice a day if i can be bothered getin up early ha and was doing the Davina Mccall work out, but sprained mt hips doing it haha so taking it easy on that one!!

stay positive chikkie, every pound off is a bonus, i know its frustrating, but think of your big day and how amazing u will look!!


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I personally would try and stick with it as that seems to be what you want to do. Lets hope next week is a bigger loss to make up for it. Goodluck. XX
Stick with it....i only lost 2 1/2 pounds on 3rd and 4th way ins....week 5 lost just under 5
My chemist keeps reminding me not to look at the weekly numbers but to look at over all loss and he suggested i measured myself so i could see the inches falling off...
Know when you see how much others loose can be disheartening but stick with it
and how many other diets would you of lost 21lbs in 4 weeks...thats great going.
Just give yourself a bit more time and see how it goes

we can all be down about these things at times, I know I have been but at the end of the day its worth it.. you will have some great weeks and some bad weeks.. it all averages out.. dont worry.. look at my WI's for an example (bare in mind im a man so will be a bit more than you) but still some weeks were well below average for me.

Keep the faith
I would definitely be sticking to it, I mean, where else would you lose 1 stone 7lbs in 4 weeks!! Yes you did lose 8lbs in 2 consecutive weeks, but its not possible to lose like that every week. You will probably have a bigger loss next week.

I think your Pharmacist attitude stinks and maybe he/she needs some further guidance from Lipotrim. Have a look around the board and there are a lot of members who go through a low loss on 2 consecutive weeks.

Stick with it hun until your maintain date when you get your fitting. Most of all, good luck.
well done for sticking in there, great mentality

just keep with it and some exercise and hopefully you will see better losses


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I think you have to look at it as a stone and a half in 4 weeks - That's BL**DY AMAZING!!! You can't give up now!!

(Adam ... YRU sad? :()
I think you have to look at it as a stone and a half in 4 weeks - That's BL**DY AMAZING!!! You can't give up now!!

(Adam ... YRU sad? :()
because we lost a close family friend on monday so bit upset about it, he was a great bloke
I would stay on it as you have a lost a great amount so far and who knows what you would have lost on WW it could be 1/2 a lb or so. Have you measured yourself since you started as you may have lost inches?


maintaining since June'09
because we lost a close family friend on monday so bit upset about it, he was a great bloke
Oh I'm really sorry ..... I lost a schoolfriend (so knew her 43 years !) a few weeks ago so I know how you feel .. :cry: **hugs**


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Stick too it chick!!

And punch your d**khead pharmasist!! he should be motivating you to do it... he obviously hasnt dealt with many people on LT,

Everyone loses different amounts each week..

That is a great loss chick!! and its something you wouldnt have lost had you have not been doing the diet!!


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I agree with everyone else here! Stick with it!!
You clearly dont feel ready to stop this diet and are obviously 100% committed - who cares if its only 2.5lbs - thats 2.5lbs of fat!!! Think of it like that - i have had 2 consec weeks of low weigh ins but at some stage you are bound to get a higher one- Even still - 2.5lbs a week is fantastic - would you really lose that on another diet??

Your pharmacist sounds like a muppett - next time tell them to shut up and just give you the shakes!! Pharmacists should be supportive - no matter how small/big your weight loss is :D

Well done honey, keep at it! x

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