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Feeling Fat!!


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:eek: Woke up this moring feel really fat!!

I am afraid to look in the mirror for fear of what I might see. I have no confessions to make and have been a purist on this diet (apart from my 3-bar-binge one day a couple of weeks ago which some people like to reminding me of!!) and am drinking a river in every 24 hours. I even drink throughout the night - about a pint.

It can't be fluid retention because it isn't my time of the month - as I sit here typing I can feel my bloated stomach - Oh Gawd!

Fingers crossed that a few trips to the loo and a few cups of coffee will do the job!

Will check in later.

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Hiya FP

Hope the bloatines ( is that even a word lol) goes soon, and you'll be feeling on top form :)

I've deleted the other thread as it was posted twice, just in case you wondered where it went!

Have a good day



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:confused: Hi Geri,

Did I post twice?

That must be my water logged brain!! What is it that they say? .... something about a tap on the knee!! (You can just tell how feeble I am, can't you?)



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Yep you sure did, and I read em both, just to make sure they were the same before I deleted one of 'em :D

Don't think I've heard that 'tap on the knee' saying before, may well have and forgotten about it lol

Keep glugging :party0027: :party0027: (couldn't find a water drinking one lol - u get the picture tho!!) :p
Hey Fat-p
The fat days are a killer aren't they? Sometimes I feel like I must look like Kate Moss cos I've shifted 5st, and then realise that I've got another 3/4st to go and it's quite a come down - lol :D
Go and try on your favourite and most flattering thing to wear and go parade in front of the mirror. Think I may go and do that myself just now actually!
By the way, how are you managing to drink during the night??! That really made me laugh :D It's a pretty hardcore way of getting through the daily litres!


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Hi Tiger Girl,

The only reason I am drinking through the night is because I wake up to pee because of all that I have imbibed throughout the day!!! Much more than 4ltrs. 4 is for wimps!!!!! :D

My thinking is "I may as well". I have not trouble getting back to sleep.

Let's just hope I get some pay off!

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