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Feeling fed up and not at all motivated

Hi well its the first time ive felt like this since joining in July. Think its cos last week i was expecting a small loss but i actually lost 3lb, the week before i had lost 2lb. Last night id put on 2lb!! but ive done nothin differently and i wanted a good week this week as from now til after christmas ive got at least 2 meals out each week and a weeks holiday in Jamaica so its not looking good. My aim was to be 3lb lighter than i am today and try to maintain until the new year but my gain last night has really thrown me and i seriously want to binge!!! Sorry for the rant but i feel better for sharing it! Hope everyone else is on plan x
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I will succeed!!!
Awww hun :-(

I hate this feeling - it's not nice is it?

Last week you said you expected a small loss right? Why? Had you been 'naughty'? 'Badness' can take a while to catch us, so this weeks gain may be from then? Have a think back to the week before also and see if you can see anything earlier than being good this week.

Also, is star week? Had you drank or eaten soon before WI?

Sometimes there doesn't seem to be a reason and that sucks. But don't lose heart! You're going so well and you've averaged at a 1lb loss a week for the last three, which is good! xxx


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I personally think our bodies enjoy playing tricks on us! A loss when you're not expecting it is great, but a gain is a pain. Stand back, though and look at the overall picture - the general trend is down. You've just got to stay motivated and keep it going in that direction. It will happen, it might just be a bit of a jerky ride :)
thanks for your quick replies.....no i hadnt been bad the previous week its just that i dont normally have 'big' losses just plod along really in a downward direction so the -2 followed by -3 was really out of the normal for me but to be followed by +2 when ive followed plan all the time is really disheartening :sigh: -1 each week would have made me feel totally different to how im feeling right now! sorry to moan.
It is so disheartening when this happens, but you know you have been on plan so don't let this blip get you down. Bodies are very strange and complex and if we spent our time trying to analyse why we haven't lost when we should have, we'd all be round the bend. Just tell yourself your not going to be fooled into eating something you will regret, you are stronger than your body and willpower will out in the end.


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I was feeling exactly like you.....But the difference was I went out and had a massive binge and hence put on a pound this week!!
My own fault and I understand that, but still was a bit miffed as I stayed to plan all week!! but hey that's life...My weight loss is very slow, but as long as I am still lighter than when I started I can't complain.....Although I still do! lol
A few days after weigh in I am all philosophical about it, but before that pretty down on myself..

Don't give in to the binge....It's not worth it!!

Keeo your chin up and stay on track, you'll get there in the end....
Just look forward to a fabulous holiday..

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