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Feeling fed up

Ive been on CD since the 6th of September and have lost around two and a half stone out of the twelve stone I would like to lose, but although all my skirts are too big around the waist, I don't seem to be losing from my top half. I was wearing a size 26 when I started and I was shoping in Evans today and STILL needed a 26 - I was really hoping to be a size down by now.

I'm sorry for moaning - I'm just disappointed. Has anyone else had any experience of this, or any words of advice (other than "Get a grip"!)
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Hi there hon...........I know just where you are coming from, when I did cd first time round.....I lost 3 st 3...which I was really pleased about, but like you I didnt seem to go down dress sizes much. I am only 5ft2, and yet at 11st I was still only just into a size 16 skirt! I am very badly apple shape.....so where I dont carry weight on my arms or legs its all on my middle bit.....boobs, tummy and spare tyres!

It will come off honey, it just takes time for your body to adjust and we all loose weight in such different ways and places......shame we cant say' well this week I would like to loose it off my bum'!!

Keep at it and you will be buying smaller sizes before you know it, the other thing is, you dont inches for ages and then all of a sudden a few drop off at once!
So dont despair..............you will get there!

hugs Lou XX
Hi Angel, I started off on Lighter Life and although the weight was coming off I barely lost any inches at all. My group were all dropping several inches a week and going down sizes quickly and I barely changed at all. I think some of us store a lot of weight around places other than waist, hips bust and for me that went first. I had lost over 4 stone before I really started to move down the sizes but I very quickly went from a 24 to a 14. It was really weird. Please don't get down about it like I did...if your weight is going down you are getting smaller and you'll soon be looking and feeling great. It's really easy to sabotage yourself on these diets because the losses are so unpredictable but you are doing really well!
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I am the same it has taken approx two stone to go from a 16 to a 14, and some size 14's trousers are too small. I hoping it wont take as long to get into the next size down, it's hard because I think clothes sizes are just as important as the number on the scales.

You've done great to lose so much in a short amount of time, it wont be too long now until you are in the smaller clothes, then you'll have to worry about the cost of all the new smaller clothes.
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I'm the other way round mine comes off the top but my middle is the same as when I started. Like the others say we all lose in different places but hopefully we will all have body beautifuls in a few months time!!


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I have big boobs and a big bum. I always do, even when I am slimmer. On the plus side as I lose weight I get an even tinier waist, so I make the most of it

I will always need a bigger size than I actually am to fit my 3Bs in - but we got what we got I suppose! I am sure if you are patient the sizes will go down and yu will be looking fab!

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Its sods law isn't it.

I put my order in to make my weighloss come off my thighs bum and tum and has it? Has it my a***! I'm losing off my smallest area first :mad:

Now I'm lucky because I have my experience from last year to reassure me about how things will progress this time. :)

I always thought that I was bigger round the hips than I was round the top. That is actually true until I lose the last stone and then I ended up bigger round the top than I was at the hips :rolleyes:

The other thing I found is that I was never satisfied. :eek:

Either the weight dropped from the place where I least wanted it to

Or I thought that I was losing from nowhere because the weight I lost for a few weeks was equally lost from all bits of my body

Or I lost so much from one area that I thought my body actually looked worse as the proportions change!

Whichever way it went I was never satisfied :D


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Please don't despair ...

You may be interested to know that I read somewhere that there are larger gaps between larger sizes than there are in smaller sizes. So while it may take you a while to move from a 26 to a 24 and so on, when you get to 16, 14, 12 etc the gaps between sizes get smaller.

Hope that makes sense!!

Keep at it - you are doing a great job and you are losing weight. Just think that you can't stay a size 26 and weigh 10st .... it just wouldn't work!!! Chin up chick


Dobbie is totally right - the difference between sizes at the larger end of the scale are much bigger (waist size can be up to 4 inch difference between sizes) so although it can be very de-motivating to feel as though you are not getting anywhere quickly - you are probably shifting just as many inches as your smaller group friends.
I started at a 24 bottom 26 top and it took ages to start losing dress sizes. It took 3 stone lost before anyone even noticed I had lost weight. Then I was shooting through dress sizes at an amazing rate. Beware though, once you start getting through those sizes, money seems to fly out the window. I bought some lovely stuff from Monsoon to celebrate the fact that I could finally shop in there (size 22 top) - 3 weeks later they were too big to wear.
Hold on a bit longer and before you know it you will be complaining you have "nothing to wear" - its a great feeling
Thank you all so much for your posts. I feel so much better now, and can't wait for the feeling of whizzing through the sizes in a few months time.

I had a good look at my clothes yesterday and I have noticed how much sizes vary too. I have two skirts from Evans both size 26 and I swear there is a five or six inch difference in the waist size - you might expect that from different shops, but the same one...? No wonder we're all confused.

Another weigh in tonight and I have my fingers crossed i'll have reached the 2 and a half stone mark :D


I will get to goal .....
Hi Angelchops - that is VERY common in clothing. Quick hint for you .... I often take several of the same item in the same size into a changing room. There can be massive differences in the way a garment fits depending on how it was machined :D:D:D.


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Don't worry about it!

I have lost nearly 4 and a half stones so far. I am getting to the stage that my clothes are swimming on m!

Do measure yourself too - that is really important - one week I lost 1lb and was really down about it - but my waist had shrunk by 2" in that same week, so something had to be going on!

Good luck for the weigh-in!


Mrs V

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I lost 12lbs in my first week and my waist stayed the same!!! I loose weight off my face and boobs first :( I need to loose my thighs!


S: 15st2lb C: 13st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 2st2lb(14.15%)
Don't panic hun it's bound to have gone from somewhere - usually the bits that you don't notice! Neck, arms, feet - yes even feet! it will even itself out eventually. Stick with it chick Vx


I will get to goal .....
I was a bit disheartened to not to have lost any inches from wasit/hips/bust/thighs on first week and BF commented last night about how skinny my arms are!!! Bizarre but true ...... I have the arms of a stick woman - but still I'm lighter than I was - and it has to go from everywhere eventually!!! LOL!!!


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I so agree with feet! My shoes are mostly quite sloppy on me now! As for the rest of me, I began at a 24ish (although my clothes were so many different sizes!!), now I am buying more and more 12's! At the start of all this I would never have believed that this would be possible just 8 months later!

Its so true what the others have all said too, it comes off from all sorts of odd places and there is nothing we can do to chamge it! My boobs and my bum shrunk first, my bum quite dramatically!! My thighs are only just starting to change now, and my calves have not changed at all!! The latter I find really bothersome as I so wanted to buy knee length boots this winter from a "normal" shop!!

Honest, it wont be long before you are desparate for some new clothes as your others will be hanging off you. I found I was shopping in most of the cheap stores (thank heavens for Primark!!), but now I have indulged in the occasional Monsoon item! It is a fabulous feeling and wont be long at all before its your turn too!!

Good luck!

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