Feeling frustrated!

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  1. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I'm feeling really frustrated with my body today. I'm at this annoying inbetween stage with sizes. My size 22 jeans are too big, falling down, but size 20 doesn't quite fit. Size 20 tops are too big, and some 18s are perfect, but some of them are just a bit small. It's really quite annoying! Why can't I just lose a whole size at once further apart and then it'd be all good! lol

    If I look at the dorothy perkins size guide I'm between sizes on pretty much everything!

    Hips wise a 20 is 48in and a 22 is 51¼.. I'm 49, so an inch away from a 20, but a 22 is just over 2 inches too big!

    Waist is spot on 20, but having to wear 22 for hips, even though it's 3¼in too big on my waist!

    Bust wise a 18 is 43¼ and a 20 is 45½ but I'm 44in! So can't quite get to 18s unless they're a bit generous, but 20 is kinda big.

    Hoping for some good losses this week and the next to catch up and drop a size if I can!
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  3. NicolaR

    NicolaR Full Member

    It's so frustrating when you're stuck betweek sizes! Have you tried on some clothes from another shop though? Sometimes they fit differently so maybe you'd find something that would fit better than DP? Good luck for next week too :)
  4. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Hey Caroline,
    Well done you, your doing fab........
    I know how you feel its horrible when you are inbetween sizes..... but it all equals out eventually.. its just getting through that stage .
    Hang in there x
  5. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Yup, I was just using DP as an example, I'm like this with everyone, everyone!! Hoping over this week I'll have lost a bit, and maybe together with next week it'll be enough to move down a size.
  6. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Thanks Curly :) It's just frustrating knowing I'm so close to the next size, while the things I'm wearing are falling off me! I went to Liverpool about a month ago for the passport office and they have a huge Primark so while I was there bought some size 18 bits to shrink into, a couple of tops I can wear, hoping that in the next week or two I can fit the rest. Though the 18 jeans might be a bit longer still!

    I bought two dresses from ebay a while ago because I saw them about to end and were both really cheap, thought I'd show you! They're both size 12 which is my goal. These are what I use as my long term motivation, though I always have jeans of the next size down hanging on my door otherwise it can seem such a huge thing it's daunting rather than motivating!

    This dress was just under £10 inc postage!

    This one was only £5 inc postage!

    I'm hoping to wear the purple one for Christmas/New Year :)
  7. LadyB

    LadyB Silver Member

    Hi Caroline,

    I like your motivation - buying and keeping those dresses is great!! I am sure you will be in them before you know it!!

    I have a smaller waist than the rest of my body - I am either a pear or hourglass shape - and I find that Betty Jackson at Debenhams is perfect for my shape - so it might be worth trying some of her stuff on.......

    Dont worry - as another month your shape will be different all again - and those jeans will be falling off you again!! ha ha - it already must be a great feeling seeing how your clothes don't fit!

  8. Lexie_dog


    That black one is beautiful!

    I'm still ploughing away here trying vainly to shrink enough to get into my blue satin number..

    Caroline I've looked through my stuff thats too big now and due to the Charity shop dumpage have about 3 tops and 1 pair of trousers left.

    I will duly post them off when I have time. I'm just mega busy with placements atm. All size 16's.
  9. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I love the black one too! The top part of the dress is boned, so fairly fitted. I look forward to fitting in them! lol
  10. baby_callalillies

    baby_callalillies Full Member

    gorgeous dresses!!! Oh a dream to be a size 12!!! I will be happy if i get to a 14.

    Im inbetween sizes too.... size 17 bottom and 19top would be ideal for me just now!!! lolol

    Good luck, hope you are smiling when you fit into those dresses

  11. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Smiling? I'll have the biggest grin you've ever seen in your life!! lol
  12. Julie Williams

    Julie Williams Silver Member

    Woo hoo you will be one sexy mama!! those dresses are gorgeous and very motivational. We all go through the in between sizes bit which is very annoying but when you get to the next size down it always feels amazing!! Keep up the good work honey xxx
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