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Feeling Glum...


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Why on such a beautiful day do I feel so utterly flat and frustrated and irritated with this diet. I am not remotely hungry not am I even thinking of food, I just feel like I have had enough now. I am supposed to write a paragraph about me, then bring it down to a sentence and then a word. But the minute I start writing stuff its all negative. Why can't I take my own advice and be happy and bubbly and smiley like I normally am....what is going on with me today?? I hate feeling like this. My goal just seems so very far away like I am never going to make it.
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I know how your feeling Tange, I have lapsed though so feel guilty as hell. I had a top weekend and drank and had food (whoops) and thought to hell with it enjoy yourself but as with every good time there has to be a consequence and now I'm paying the price. The warm weather and invites to BBQ's don't help though. Have had cottage cheese and tomatoes today and they have made me ill


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I have been through phases of thinking that I'd like to give it all up and drink/ eat whatever I like but it always passes.

Sometimes I think it's because this diet removes all choice that sometimes that can drag you down. I know on a sunny day like today, I'd like to be sat in the garden with a cold glass of wine and have something cooking on the barbie - instead I've had a veg soup, some chicken crisps and a litre of water.


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Awww hun :gen126: :gen126:

We ALL feel like that from time to time. What kind of stepford dieter would you be if you didn't.

Why not sit down and make a list of all the things you can do now that you couldn't before? Size clothes you can wear, shops you can buy from, things you can do without feeling tired, places you can go etc. Remind yourself JUST how far you've come :grouphugg:

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
Hey Tange....chin up pup - this won;t be forever. It is hard work at time. Some days, bloody hard work - but you are doing, and have done so well.....but at the end of the day you are still human, so having a bad day or two now and again is only human.

This too shall pass.

I would have a nice long soak in a bubble bath tonight and try and work out wht it is that is bringing you down, or maybe its nothing - just a blah phase.....we all have them.

You'll be your ol' bright self again. I know you will. Hang in there friend. You can do it.


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I am happy and bubbly and smiley.

There you are Tange your sentence, you will make it but perhaps just for today you think you wont, but that is allowed.

Tomorrows another day.:D


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Yep Tange you've got to think positive, write down a positive list about the diet and how you feel about you and what you've achieved.... and if you're struggling read back through past posts of yours and write about 'that' person as though they weren't you .... you'll soon find positive stuff to write.

(((big hugs)))


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WOW thanks all. I needed reminding to make my little grateful list.
Am feeling better after my walk from work, seriously walked stomping the pavements sure does help.
Still alittle blue but tomorrow is another day and I am sure I will wake up in a bright and sprakly mood.
Really do appreciate you guys, its when the going gets tough that you realise this place is the safest place to be.


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Hey Tange
hope you are feeling better.I am trying to understand why my favourite time of year has left me feeling down and weepy all the time.Strange isn't it how our inner self plays games with us sometimes.

try to keep positive

love liz

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