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Feeling great

Hi everyone
I am feeling fantastic today and want to pass on some of my happy vibes to everyone else:vibes:.
I have just reached my first major target (loss of 10% of my original body weight) and my mum just sent me some trousers from the UK that she got in the sale that a few months ago would have been tight and uncomfortable. They fit!!!! :D in fact they are a little big. I still have some way to go but I feel sooo great today.
It's particularly great as I had a bit of a [email protected]&$ up at the beginning of last week. It was my girls night out and I had worked out that I could have the smaller pizza that they do at the Italian restaurant we were at with veggies on for about 11 points and 2 points for a glass of wine, so I saved points and planned to be careful the rest of the week. When the pizza arrived I thought it looked quite big but was happy that I could eat so much for my 11 points. AAAAH when the bill came they had charged me for the 30cm instead of the 20cm which meant I had just eaten about 16 points of pizza plus it was a large glass of wine so I had practically eaten my entire day of points in that one meal. :eek: Well at least I had a good time and having lived like a saint the rest of the week I am glad that it didn't effect my weight loss.
Anyway happy vibes to everyone else. May you all reach your goals and look great in those bikinis very soon. See you on a beach somewhere :)
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Well done on the happy positive vibes the 10% and the trousers :)
Pizzas are leathal aren't they :( but it's just a little mistake and your still on track on have pma
here's to getting to target xx
Thanks guys.
My mum is bargain hunting mad and I have a wardrobe full of various size clothes that she has bought for me at one time or another. It's so nice when I can start varying my wardrobe again instead of sticking with the "fat pants" at the dark and scary end of the cupboard. I really don't like clothes shopping when I am bigger as particularly in this country it means you are resigned to looking like someone's middle aged spinster aunt, lovely if you like big flowery blouses and elasticated A-line skirts. I really miss shopping in the UK, luckily my mum has grest taste in clothes and makes some pretty good purchases. Not sure if if I will ever fit into the very small size 10 skirt that is hiding in my cupboard though. I was a big size 10 for about 2 weeks before my wedding and then went back to a 12 and slowly crept up. Somewhen in those 2 weeks my mum saw this skirt and bought it. It still has the tag on it. I just can't bring myself to get rid of it and just maybe it will fit one day, but to be honest I will fit into my wedding dress again before that skirt fits me lol.

congratulations on reaching your 10% loss! Fantastic achievement and well done in relation to the trousers - I love that feeling of fitting in clothes that you know a few months ago would have been too tight!

Sharkbait1983 x

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