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Feeling great!

After stuffing my face on pancakes on Tuesday then weighing in and starting Atkins...I have lost 6lb in just 2 whole days!!!
I was expecting a slow start as I have done Atkins before and think it's never as quick as the first time...but so far that doesn't seem to be the case...I am so motivated and positive I just thought I would share it with you all....well....those that aren't in Birmingham!
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woop woop you! :) , its great when you get that buzz....i cant wait to start now....will have to dump that evil low fat stuff out of the fridge and fill with meat,cream, cheese and butter again...oh happy days :)
It's a good feeling isn't it. Well done
Great isn't it?
I just cant wait to get the stuff in to sart on these Mims...I'd never heard of them last time ...and they sound yum!!
We can all do this !!!
MIM's are nice, but in moderation on induction
Wish we could bottle that feeling ...... would make a fortune !! xx


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
well done!

Just a note about MiMs, you really should use the golden linseed or flax, the darker stuff is really not as palatable in my opinion.
Tried a mim....ok, but think i need to tweak recipe a bit...did a choc one, need more choc and splenda I think..lol
Weight loss for first whole week is 7 pounds...was a bit disappointed it wasn't more ...as I lost 6 in the first couple of days (water I guess)...but gave my self a talking to as half a stone in a week is good by anyones reckoning...and yummy food too!
You're doing well, and yes, why the disappointment? :D
I gave myself a talking to and wasn't disappointed...scales haven't shifted since though...and I won't be so impressed if it's still only 7lbs by next official weigh in on Tuesday!!!


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Don't forget that your weight will fluctuate, so best to look at loss over 2 weeks.
well....2nd weigh in...not lost anymore this week :(
I guess the 7lb was good and half a stone in 2 weeks is still pretty good...but hoping for another loss next week!
chin up thats still good going ............. roll on next tues for a good weight loss xx
Thanks Susan....I'm hoping so coz I'm being good!
Morning Jim :)


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
At least you have lost something. It will start to shift soon, although my weight is not going down, I will stick with it though.

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