feeling guilty for other people.

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  1. tryer

    tryer Silver Member

    i just posted on a thread about little blips that we all have and that i needs to stop, but it got me to also realise, that i feel so so so guilty when my partner is throwing food away? it makes me feel like i am the one who is binning the food all over again and this in turn makes me want to eat it so there is no waste.
    part of me gets a little angry (irrational i know, i dont say anythnig but the feeling is there)
    i think why did he cook so much and now is binning good food and my hard earned money in the bin, that would have done two meals!!!

    does anyone else think like this or is it just me being crazy? and food obsessed.
    the first few weeks of cd i was not bothered but this last week i have been and i don't know why. :confused:
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  3. AbsolutelyFabulous

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    I feel for you. I'm like that around waste; probably because I came from a 'clear your plate' household. Have you thought about having a little chat with your OH; perhaps just mentioning that he seems to be cooking as though you would be eating with him too? Other than that, I think it's another food demon you'll have to face and overcome. Far better for it to go in the bin than in you. And, for people from the 'clear your plate' generation everywhere....Don't! :)
  4. Lily

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    LOL, it's a standing joke in our house that my OH cooks too much. We should've had 10 children, not just the 1...

    Is he cooking more because he thinks that you might just succumb to temptation? Or is he just cooking too much because he's used to cooking for you as well? :)
  5. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    This is a good thread, lots of us hate wasting food as it goes back to the way we were brought up etc,
    Recently we have had to re evaluate all our family income etc because I am soon to become a single parent again and I was horrifed at how much food we actually throw out.
    I am rubbish at food portions and always do a mountain of food for the family. I just went out and bought some foil containers and now I freeze the left overs before serving. A great way to stop money wasting, and left over curry, chilli pasta sauce etc us great over jacket potatoes.
    Maybe you could just leave out a container and ask him to scoop the extra into is for freezing?
    That way he'll know you are seroius about dieting and you could save some money too :)

  6. abz

    abz Gold Member

    i had to come to the realisation that putting it in me when i didn't need it was just as wasteful as sticking it in the bin...

    i'm not a dustbin and i need to stop treating myself that way...

    abz xx
  7. Lazyhound

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    Cambridge SS
    Fab quote abz :)

    Annie x
  8. Cheska

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    Oh my.... its the way some of us were brought up thats so true. We didnt have much money so what we got we ate. I cannot stand any waste whatsoever I find it really hard to leave food, so I understand exactly what you are saying and if that was my hubby (he eats everything and never stops all day - thats another story) I would be so :mad:. But I agree with abz (fab) .... x
  9. AbsolutelyFabulous

    AbsolutelyFabulous Absolutely Determined!

    Great quote Abz!! :D
  10. abz

    abz Gold Member

    i am sure it is the result of a marvellous post on here, so i can't take full credit :) but it is something that always stuck with me :)

    abz xx
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