Feeling guilty :(


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I did well on step 2(didn't cheat one bit) but moving up to step 3 i've cheated alot, i put on 1 pound on because i slept out on new years and ate a few slices of pizza and drank a whole range of alcohol. Then i ate a bit of jelly the other day and, well my grandparents made me some tea today (steamed veggies - carrots, potatoes and cabbage) topped off with gravy with vegi mince. And well i'm really full (belly feels like it's going to explode) I just feel like i'm going to put alot of weight on cause i feel full, and i shouldn't feel this full (if you know what i mean, lol)

On the other hand i've just started Charlie Brooks - Before And After Workout and going to try do it 3 times a week.

Serah needs a kick up the ass!! :(
Don't beat yourself up .. just get back on the wagon!!

You can do it ... just a blip!!