Feeling horrible


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Sorry to bore you all but had to get it all off my chest. I have had a really bad week and feel as though i have put on my 8lbs again, i am all bloated. Dreading weigh in tomorow, i feel as if i have just undone all my good work. i just can't stop eating. Just had a big chocolate binge. I feel sick for doing it but it isn't even stopping me.

My wee boy has just cracked a chunk out of one of his adult teeth. And just back from mother in laws. We hadn't been over for a couple of weeks due to me being unwell ( i have an infection in my stomach, something to do with having my appendix out then having baby) . And she started as soon as we got in, saying that we shouldn't come over because we have to , we should only come over if we want to. We tried to explain that we do want to it is just that things had cropped up.

I also had my smear today and it was agony, it is never normally sore, i'm wondering if it is to do with my infection.

Sorry to bore you all, i am just having one of those 'feeling sorry for myself days':cry::cry:plus i feel really fat.
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Cherry Plum

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Ahh Bettylollypop,
You have had a horrible time.
Do you think you are ready for LL abstinence?
I think the trouble is our head has to be in the right place before we can cope with abstinence, otherwise we might not be strong enough to do it.
If you feel you are ready then you must try & abstain from food, that is the secret.Whatever happens or is thrown your way it is much easier & safer to stay in abstinence.
I know its easier said then done, I've not been a saint, but I have been doing it off & on for a year & half so know how you feel.
What you must remember is if you stick to the plan you are guaranteed to lose weight every week/month.
Please don't beat yourself up about it, you can turn it around & get back on the straight & narrow, put it all behind you & try again.
Good luck.


want to be me again ...
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Awww betty so sorry to hear you feeling so low ....
you have had alot to contend with so dont beat yourself up honey ..it may not be so bad as you think at WI and even if it is ..tomorrow is another day just make sure your health things are sorted first and dont worry about anyone else just you and your little boy ..you are a lovely mum so be proud and draw a line on the past ..
hope the sun shines for you in the morning
hugs gilly xxxx


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Whatever happens at your WI, there's a whole week after it to make a difference. And you've got more important things to think about than what the scales say at your WI. It really is insignificant to more pressing issues with your family and your own health. T'aint no big deal. Just a little rough patch you're going through. It'll all sort itself out soon... just you wait and see :)


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Don't worry about everything you think you did wrong hun start the week afresh. There is more to life than dieting you concentrate on yourself and your family xx


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:hug99: sorry u r having a hard time of it at the mo.
know how u feel with diet i've really fell of the wagon i sat in class yesterday after staying the same right depressed but onc i lieft i told myself i can't give up i've lost a stone already don't ruin that and helped me get my motivation back.
good luck hun