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Feeling hot

Hiya - I'm new to this forum, and new to CD. So ... hello.

I just had a quick question ...

Has anybody else had hot flashes at all. I did lighter life for a bit a few years ago. This time they are worse.

I have had a hysterectomy, by, am convinced that it isn't related. If anything I should be getting more hormones from metabolising fat.

Hope you're all having a good day! :)
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Just wanted to say and hi and wanted to wish you luck on your cd journey.. I personally have not had hot flushes before.. Are you drinking plenty of water.
Sorry Im not much help someone else might be able to help you more.
Good luck x
Hi, I haven't either. Mostly you hear about people being incredibly cold (although I know flushes aren't always a long lasting thing). Could it be anything else do you think?


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Hello and welcome - I think it was week 2 when I felt really hot and dry, I described it as like I was overheating and drying out. My lips were dry and I couldn't get enough moisturiser on my skin. I made sure I drank enough water.

I still get occasional times, particularly at work, when I feel very hot but mainly now I feel cold, especially my hands and feet!

Hope the diet goes well for you...

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Hiya, yes in my first week i was very very flushed and hot in my face but my hands and feet were frozen. Funny all the strange things that happen on CD but put it down to your body adjusting and the symtoms probably won't last. Week 2 I was hyper and not sleeping. Week 3 I was sick . Week 4 ...I feel very calm and sleeping again xxx


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im cold all the time also. only had hot flashes when had really bad cold the day i started cd x x
I've had a hot face for a couple of days, feeling a bit run down, think I've caught a lergy, so may be due to that, also getting daily TOTM pains altho not TOTM so wondering if it's hormones?!

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