Feeling hungry & fed up-help!

Discussion in 'Exante' started by poppygirl, 6 January 2011 Social URL.

  1. poppygirl

    poppygirl Full Member

    Been on many, returning to WW!
    Hiya, I had such a good day 1 & 2 but yesterday (day 3) I picked at lunchtime and again today? Why do I keep doing it?!

    I am/was so determined to do this, I need to loose just over 2 stone and know I could do this by the end of feb so why do I keep sabotaging myself :-(

    I feel so hungry, worse than days 1 & 2 and if my hubby had agreed to having a take away tonight I would have gone for it!

    Right off to have a hot chocolate shake and some water and snap out of it!!! Xxx
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  3. jcjazzy

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    Stop picking PG.Think about why you are doing this.Maybe write a list of pros and cons to the diet and try to challenge your behaviour.Distraction is the key. I think it's only natural to feel like this in the early stages (and later too).This is very full on and I think we forget that sometimes.I used to find when I was doing LL that "window shopping" for gorgeous clothes helped me when I was having these moments.And they passed....
    Enjoy your hot choc x
  4. Bernice

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    ............been there done that poppygirl so you are not alone. Why we do it is a mystery to me too. It's why we are the way we are in the first place and it's this habit & addiction that Exante is designed to break. Just put it behind you and say what I always say...........tomorrow's another day. Good luck xx
  5. poppygirl

    poppygirl Full Member

    Been on many, returning to WW!
    Thanks ladies, I def need to stop the picking. Both days I had been out, came back in then raided the cupboards. Mon & Tuesday I kept busy so that's the key.

    I brought some new magazines today & while I don't normally read the horoscopes there was a thing for the whole year and it said that this was the year to get the body I want so might cut that out as inspiration plus the new Next catalogue is due soon and that will inspire me to look at the summer clothes instead of what I would be wearing!

    This is a long term plan and I shall put the last two days behind me, get through tomorrow then we have a busy weekend when hubby is about too so by Monday and weigh in so should still see a good number

    Feel better now, thanks xxx
  6. babystar31

    babystar31 Gold Member

    When u do pick and feel really dissapointed, try to remember that feeling when u find yourself beign tempted again. I almost cheated on day 1....cooked food then thought "what the hell am i doing".....its so easy to go off track, but you can get back on it....jst focus and think of the long term benefits xx
  7. plymgirl75

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    I'm on day 3 and I'm feeling a little hungry now but I have been out to a darts match this evening and resisted chips and alcohol which I was very proud of and have also resisted munching on christmas goodies that have been brought into work. I am determined to loose weight so just have to keep thinking of the 'New Me' and then the temptation goes away.
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