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Feeling hungry in 2nd week of Cambridge Diet

yes! Dont think about it!! DO something else! It take a while for the body to settle and for ketosis to kick in fully. I think for me its psychological too.....
I'm doing SS snd I did. I also felt quite tired and lacked energy to do the simplest things, even though I was in ketosis. Made me wonder whether I could carry on.

For me it passed and somewhere between week 3 and 4 I gained my energy back and stopped constantly thinking about food and the 'hunger' went away, replaced by almost a stone lost and feelings of smugness that I'd stuck with it.

I'm part way through my 2nd week too! I've got myself into a little routine where I'll drink a full pint of water every 3 hours inbetween meal times. I drink tea still throughout the day but I've found by sticking to it I don't ever feel hungry (even if my tummy grumbles at me!) x
As long as other people feel the same way and its not just me - Im paranoid at times!

I drink loads of fluids = frequent toilet visits!

Im full of energy, I just finished a 40 minute treadmill session and going to the beach later for a swim!

My CDC told me I might feel tired in the beginning, but to be honest since day 1 of starting I dont notice a change in my energy levels, saying that, I think I have got so used to carrying 60-65kgs extra weight for so long that my mind has over-ruled that barrier cos I frequently get asked where I find the energy from!
Add one or two teaspoons-full of psyllium husk to each sweet or savoury pack. As I said on another thread it makes the shakes and soups thicker, creamier and more satisfying.
multivits surely would be ok, though dont the shakes etc have more then the rda of most vits and minerals?

Tell you what I take a lot of...paracetamol!!!
I will try that.

Its not that I have my CD and still feel hungry, its that round about 11pm I start feeling hungry and drinking even more water, tea etc doesnt fill the void, Im just going to sit on this forum all night and post messages to keep my mind occupied, or maybe go to bed at 9pm!
Oh, Im taking agnus too. Thats much more likely to help with your periods!! Crap, I hadnt thought about the drops affecting anything. :S
I think Im going to shove everything in the drawer and not use them at all. The last time I managed to lose 60kg my period started coming all by its self and on the same day each month - I know its my weight that causes the problem.

Right so thats no herbal supplements and no chamomile tea!
Does it really make all that difference? I'm worried now.....

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