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feeling hungry!


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:cry: does anybody know if my body could actually be starting to feel hungry or is that impossible? i have been on the diet for 19 weeks now and lost 7 stone 5lbs when i got weighed last saturday,start weight 17 stone 13lbs....

i didnt know if it could be because i dont have that much body fat left to burn off for energy so my body is trying to tell me it needs more but i have felt like i have been hungry for a couple of weeks and has got much worse over the last few days:mad:

obviously i am not going to give in so close to target as only have two-three weeks to get to target but it is getting me down a bit:wave_cry:
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nah i often felt like that, normally if i was bored, i think its just your head playing with you x


a new way of living!
are you thirsty? try drinking a belly full of water, delightful i know but may help.

what is your bmi now? if it has dropped below 20 you may have found your ideal weight already. check with pharm for advice too.

i sometimes get hungry but i find lots of water and a coffee helps.

hope you feel better soon.

rainbow brite

Hey sweetie, hope you're feeling alright today. When feeling hungry try and have a warm drink as it swells the intestinal tract (so I've read) and makes you feel full. I used to do this all of the time and it definitely worked for me hun :)

rainbow brite

Hehe, only repeating parrot-fashion what I've read on fancy websites like lol :D xxxx


a new way of living!
I get this sometimes and I drink warm water out of a water bottle, seems to fill me right up x
not a hot water bottle i hope ;) that would look very odd indeed! :D:D :rotflmao:

great suggestion rainbow, i might try that.

yeah niki, hope you are feeling better, its funny but when i had a large glass of water the other day i had really bad tummy ache after, so i try just sipping now, and mixing shakes with more water.

food luck, i am sure you are looking great and those last few pounds will drop off you soon!

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