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Feeling ill on Lipotrim Help

I have been on lipotrim 2 weeks tomorrow and lost 8.5lbs the first week. The second day I was extremely ill with the worst migraine and could not get out of bed. Now I feel dizzy and tired and can not even cycle to work as just getting out of bed is all I can manage. I feel depressed and having just got over postnatal depression this is getting me down and as for my irritable bowel its horrendous, worse than labour pains. Does it get better cos two of my friends did it and had no problems, I just feel like i've got constant flu
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I had most of the symptoms that you mentioned. I got migraines and no matter what I tood they didn't seem to go for days. I also had dizziness for about 4/5 days.....I took travel sick tabs when going to work. Is there any other way to get to work (not cycling) for the next few days. I wasn't fit for even walking up the stairs some of the days. Just pamper yourself and take it as easy as you can. Also take the fibreclear everyday. Your bowel will settle. Most people say week one is bad but I found week 2 not much better or even worse. Week 3 was MUCH better and week 4 ......well I never felt as well or as energetic in my life! So hang in there hun! I felt really miserable too. But don't forget you are detoxing from sugar, carbs, caffine, alcohol, and god knows what else ..... so really it is understandable that you should feel this way!
Sara says it all really, just try and relax a little, the bike ride might be just pushing it a little so early, just a thought. Hope you feel better soon x


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just feeling a bit low! thanks for all your advice do the moodswings get better?
hi hon
hope it passes soon and you feel better,i think saras covered it all,just keep drinking water.i think most of us had those symptoms week one,all i can say is it does get alot easier,and the sickness feeling will pass.good luck xjx
Carol im afraid your moodswings will never change.........your a woman :p x


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Hi hun hope youre feeling better soon, it does get easier! As for the bowel probs and depression, maybe the doc hun xxx
lol I know after meeting you lot xxxx


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Hey Carolann hope your feeling a little better today hun. I also suffered from terrible migraines, still have occasional dizzy spells. Best thing to do is take one day at a time, put the duvet around you and let your body sort itself out. Hopefully it will pass and week 3 will be much better for you xxx


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Jen dont be fooled by the pic..he is female!! xx
Thanks as for being a woman and moody thanks alot but men can be as bad! If they have a cold they're dying! I just cant believe you've lost 100lbs I wish my husband would do it.
:eek:yes 'im a lady' !:D


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Lol and all the girls who are after him/her too lol x


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Gaz has been on forever!! xx
Im a chick with a dick!
Girls after me Trace I couldnt pull a pair of curtains xx

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