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Feeling kinda frustrated...........

Been feeling kinda frustrated recently. The first two week I had a really good weight loss but since then its just been downhill. I’m kinda stressed out @ the moment as its my final year at college and its so hard to study, prepare meals and find time for the gym.

I have 2 months until a special event in my life! And I would just love to loose @ least 1 stone in 2 months. I don’t think im asking for much? Do you think that’s possible guys?

My consultant is a little concerned that im not eating enough
food but ive done SW a few years back and lost 2 stone
10lbs! & kept it off so I know what works for me.

This time doing SW is totally different from the last. Its so
much harder. Last time I lost every single week & was
slimmer of the week all the time. Im 5’4 and currently weigh
12stone 6lbs and everyone says I don’t look what I weigh.

I always made sure I have all of my healthy extras plus with
being a vegi I eat lots of quorn as speed foods. I always have
my strawberries, grapefruit and melon everyday. I’ve
stopped eating potatoes, rice and pasta as I used to eat
tonnes of it before.

I just I don’t see the point in eating loads of free foods if ur
not hungry plus it unnecessary calories your in taking.

Ive been going to the gym four times a week & working out for @ least 1 hour as I thought that would help. For some reason I think this has something to do with me not loosing any further weight even though I know I have lost inches and my body shape in changing.

Ive got my weigh in 2nite!

So im not sure wot I shud do, eat more food?, go gym less, or just wait and see?

Any advice please guys?

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I know I'm not on Sw at the mo but have been there many times and probably could tell you the food optimising plan word for word..Know a few consultants as well...
The thing about not eating enough is somthing I have heard a few SW consultants say.. If you look in the book it tell you to eat to your own appitite not to eat for eatings sake so you a re definatley doing the right thing by not just stuffing free food just because it's there.. Does it really make sense that not eating enough will stop you losing?.. Maybe your weightloss would slow down after a while if you starve yourself but it would never stop.. Look at all those poor girls who have Anorexia....
May be you just need to go over what you are eating again and check out all the syn values or make sure you are having the right weight of healthy extras...?Somtimes recipes change (specially in ready meals) and the syns go up without you noticing...

I think you are doing really well and by going to the gym doing lots of fat burning exercise (not the weights) it can only enhance your weight loss.. Sometimes the scales just don't say what you want them to but if you carry on making the positive changes that you are doin they will catch up very quickly...
I have learned from years of dieting.. Never judge yourself on 'last time' look on this as the next step in the new you....

Hope you get all you want tim time for you occasion..
I go on and on don't I.. Sorry

Kindest regards....
i'm fed up too cos ive put weight on with sw and since discovering i had put on 7lb i am actually too scared to weigh again. plus green days make me feel like a bloated heffer but red days are too pricey. argh! ok, rant over!


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The reason it says you haven't lost is probably cos you're building muscle hun! And muscle weighs more than fat, so as long as you're losing inches it will show on the scales eventually! The more muscle you have the more fat is burnt off too, so keep at it :D

My mum never did very well at slimming world because she's a nurse and does night shifts - she can't eat when she gets home before she goes to sleep as it makes her feel sick, and she can't eat when she wakes up in the afternoon before work either, so she wasn't eating enough food and the consultant was getting really frustrated with her but what was she supposed to do, force herself?

I think you'll be fine if you carry on as you are :)
My friend has also been feeling a bit low in the lack of weight loss on the scales.

However, when she went to get a new bra. She found she was 2 inches smaller. So it is worth measuring yourself. :)
Thanks for your help guys!

Well this week Ive changed some of my B choices around, eate loads of speed food including quorn sausages, grapefruit & strawberries.

Ive still been going to the gym.

So lets see what happens on wednesdays weight in!.....

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