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feeling kinda low...... :(

Ello all,

wokeup 2day feeling kinda low. Dont know why as my weight loss has been keeping me going. has anybody else experienced this during week 2? Maybe i should see my LLC but shed probably use it as an example during weigh in nxt thurs. Eek dont like attention. (id rather hide)
sorry for depressing you all.

Lisa xxx
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Hi, sorry you are feeling down. I do get days like this, tbh i think i have always had them but used food to distract myself which this diet does not allow. Im sure you will feel better about things again soon. Stick with it



Back to the grindstone!!
Hey, we all feel a bit down now and again. It is a long road but you are doing what lots of folk just talk about doing. I had good days and bad days. It is hard at the start to see the end of the journey but you will get there. Go and find something nice to do. A walk, a warm bath, go see a friend or call them. Take your mind off whatever is bothering you and it might help.
Tomorrow will be another day and you will, hopefully feel better then.
You are doing well so far, already half a stone gone. Keep to the plan and remember that trying to make yourself better is best done by not falling off the plan. I used to go and buy myself a magazine. You know the kind, Glamour, Elle, Marie Clair and then I would come home, grab my bottle of water and plan what I was going to buy and wear WHEN I got to my goal. Cheered me up and focused my mind on why I was doing what I was.
Good luck and hang about here, always someone about to talk to.
Hey don't worry about depressing us all ---- we're here to support you as and when you need it - so when you need it shout (or type cos we can't really hear you ;) )

I think you do and can get down days, and these are the days where if you're not careful it's easy to give into any temptations. So do something to take your mind off the way you feel - watch your favourite film, bury your head in a book, go for a walk, go visit a friend or jump in a nice warm bath and sing to your hearts content.

If you werent' dieting you'd possibly still feel the same way today but instead of ignoring it or just living with it you'd probably eat more than you should - chocolate etc ..... but just make it so that you don't give in to it today.

Stay strong and you won't be long before you're at your goal (((hugs)))
Hang in their LLV. It is normal what you are feeling. We all have up days and down days, the earliest days being the down days. Soon, you are going to find yourself with a cheshire cat grin most times, for no known reason!!! I found after the initial few weeks, I felt so happy and SO POSITIVE!!! Just really full of good positive energy! But yes the first few weeks, I was quite down. S till positive, but I was doing a lot of reflecting on what got me here in the first place. Nosciously and subconsciously. That is bound to tug at your heartstrings. I find the best thing is to face it and feel the feelings, and then put them away.

Soon you too will be feeling so happy, as you see yourself realising your dream. You'll be OK, but never feel like you can't come on here and spill it. Lord knows I have enough!! ANd you will always get great support. We are all in this together!!!

go for a walk/ watch a film/ have a bath- do anything u can that doesnt involve food 2 pick urself up :)
and then have an early night- tomorrow u will feel better :)
I do feel a wee bit better now. Think am down cos my partners hands strapped up in a tubi grip and my wee one had a dicky tum yest. Lots to digest. Also im going back to work in 2 weeks time from maternity leave but i dont want to go as id rather be at home with my ickle girl. Have no choice as partner lost job 2 weeks ago. Will get there though. Just trying to think of nice things to keep sad things at bay. *head sqwuaking*

Lisa xx
Wow Lisa you've got a lot going on there - don't feel bad about feeling the way you do. Do try and let the good thoughts come through, be they about your diet or the rest of your life.

I really do feel for you going back to work after maternity leave, I always think that that is a horrid time for mums (((hugs)))

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