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Feeling light headed...

And its a problem.

Started Lipotrim on Friday and had a motorcycle lesson this afternoon. The light headedness and lack of concentration seems to be affecting my balance and I was not up to my usual standard of control. Instructor wants me to consider the restricted test not the full bike now. Grrr!

I have more lessons at 3pm tomorrow. I guess the best way will be to have a shake at 2pm to ensure I have more energy.... Could I have half for breakfast and half later on, leaving me a full to have at lunch?

I hope this low phase ends soon!

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Hiya Mark, This is common when your body is going into Ketosis. It will pass in the next few days.

Can you not delay the motorbike lessons for two days?


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Hi Mark - sorry to hear the impact LT's having, but as CHelly says that is quite common early on, particularly before you go into ketosis.

You can split your shakes, yes, but may be worth postponing lessons if you can - especially if it might affect which test you take.
If I postpone lessons thats the end of getting a test this side of August....

I seem to have started everything rather late this year but I've just moved house.

Will see what happens tomorrow with adjustments to nutrition.

I also wonder if I have gotten dehydrated as well - spent 3 hours in full leathers in a car park sweating like mad. Probably should have taken a bottle of water with me.

And amazing progress Elle-Em I once went from 236lb to 159lb - that took me 18 Months not Weeks!



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Erm Mark it's more important you are safe on the road than passing your test cos you need to pass before the end of August.

As a driver I can say that :eek:


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Hi Mark,

Seems like a strange thing for the instructor to say, unless he didn't know about the light-headedness and just thought you were not progressing well enough. Are you on a 125 or 500? If your concentration and balance are affected then you shouldn't really be riding either.

I myself had a couple of dizzy spells this week, thankfully not while riding. They pass in a few minutes and haven't had them since. The idea of splitting the shakes is a good one, as is drinking more water.

You could also be right about the heat and wearing leathers, in which case water will definitely help.

See how you feel, and if you feel dizzy while riding, pull over and have a rest/drink. I'm sure your instructor would rather that, even if it's a bit awkward if you are in a group.

Good luck with your lessons.

Edit: Just re-read your comments. If you spent 3 hours in a carpark, I assume you are doing the CBT and not on the road yet? I would see how the next lesson goes before deciding which course to take.
Had 1 shake at breakfast and 1 at 3pm right before my lesson and things improved dramatically... I also ramped up the water consumption all day. So its all back on track, instructor happy. Last night wasn't fun though with no food and an a housemate scoffing pizza!

Pete - I was on a 500 in a car park. Going through all the exercises for the new part 1 test which is all off road and has quite a bit of low speed manuvering in it. I'm commuting to work on a 125 daily now, but I've neglected my low speed stuff since my CBT and that now means more practice needed ;-).

Test (part 1) is on Sunday morning so that should be fine, get up in plenty of time and have a breakfast shake.

Thanks for the replies guys, time for a shake now anyway....


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Hi mark,
glad to hear you are feeling better today, hope you have it under control now. Be safe.


Motivated by you lot!
...housemate scoffing pizza!
That has to be the hardest part of dieting. It's fantastic that you didn't give in. I'm fortunate to live alone so I don't have that temptation!

Glad to hear that you are now feeling fine, and I wish you all the very best for your test on Sunday, exciting times ahead!

All the best Mark - just stay safe and hydrated :)
Still feeling super hungry but coping. Water machine at work getting some hammer!

My house mate does well with not annoying me with food - he did this diet as well recently so knows all about it.

Heres hoping this ketosis thing starts soon! Noticed a few lbs have magically dissapeared already :)

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