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Feeling like S**T

Well I hate coming on here and telling al the bad things I do, cos I also come on here and tell u wot I am going to do!! The Mess it all up!!

It was a family members bday today and there was a birthday tea!
So out on the table was lots of lush food.

First of all I had a nibble of chicken, then some cocktail sausages, then a scotch egg and then some cheese. I ate hardly any had a strawberry mix a mousse and now my tummy hurts like hell and I feel like Pooh for cheating. I really Hate it and have no reason to do it, I went to the party knowing I was going to stick to SS and I think cos I saw chicken and thought oh I can eat that I bloody did!!!!! The mind is so powerful!!!

Well I have a whole week from tomoz till I get weighed and so I shall down loads of water and also excercise cos I think that makes a difference!!

Sorry guys just needed to vent my stupidness!!! And I am in agony and cant sleep cos of the bloatedness.

Anna xxx
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Hi Anna,

You did right and come on and confess instead of hiding away as it can escalate from there very easily.

Try and remember this bloated feeling, it is not nice:sigh:

You had the bread crumbs and flour in the scotch egg and sausages that started your glycogen stores refilling. Also the high salt content in both as well does not help as you may find your retaining water.

Stick your new photos on the fridge or where you can see them and remind yourself of how well you have done already.

You might find it easier tomorrow if you split your packs as you might have some withdrawal from the carbs.

Love Mini xxx


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Oh poor you, it's so hard isn't it? That first nibble always does it to me too, it's like opening the floodgates! It's done now so put it behind you and learn from your mistake, next time you're tempted to nibble on a 'safe' piece of chicken try to re-call how you're feeling right now.

Chin up, tomorrow is another day, carry on and you'll be fine.
Thanks Mini,
I really need to just get my head back into the zone, part of the problem is I think is that I am going away at the wkend and will most prob have to do 790 and I think that is annoying me!!!

Also so many ppl are telling me I like great and obviously I have lost nearly 2 and a half stone but I Just dont see it!! Mainly cos I cant afford to buy smaller clothes so all my clothes are hanging off me and make me still look fat!!!

Im just generally down and not really enjoying this diet, yet I know wen I am in to it, it is good and worth it. Hopefully after the wkend and I wont have to go to much off SS I can get make and focus!!!

God its so difficult, my head is all over the place.

And ur right this bloated feeling is terrible.

Thanks again,
Anna xx


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Well done for 'fessing up - I know I'm in trouble when I go quiet - when I come on here and ask for help it usually means I'm turning the corner.

If you get back to it right away with your chin up you'll minimise the damage and have something to feel proud of - your sticking power!
Thanks ladies, I was just going to go to bed and not tell anyone but figured u guys wud make me feel better and make me realise it isnt worth going on a bender for!!!!

It scared me too cos althou I wasnt stuffing my face I was just nibbling but then I knew I wasnt hungry and also didnt need it but couldnt stop myself!!!!


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st6.5lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 2st9.5lb(14.76%)
I am another one who goes quiet when I have fallen for you do feel awful both mentally and physically and as Cerulean has said you know you have turned a corner when you come on here and confess so to speak.

Doing 790 step 2 is much better than going over board as you will stay in ketosis and can slide back into SSing after you come back from your weekend away. It is something to think about.

As for the clothes hanging off you, well I know we all hate spending money on clothes when we are losing fast as we do feel it is a waste.

Showing off your new figure does give you a lift however.

You might be able to pick up some bargain in a sale. Better still, can you borrow off a friend something to fit you now, or is there a second hand shop where you could pick up a couple of tops.

It does take time for you to see the weight loss in yourself, this is very normal and I feel one of the reason that taking regular photos works well as you can stand back and see the difference in the photos.

Glad your feeling a little better.


Love Mini xxx

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Awww bless ya Anna, don't beat yourself up for having a bad day! It happens to us all, after all we are only human. Look how far you have come don't dwell on the negatives but pride yourself on how much to have achieved. Today is a blip, put it behind you & move on.

Good luck hun....xxx


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Hope you are feeling a bit better this morning. Put yesterday behind you and treat today as day 1. try to remember how focused you were when you started the diet and all the reasons for wanting to lose weight.

Its hard when people start to tell you how good you are looking but you must stay focused. You are doing this for yourself, not other people.

Why not set yourself a small target to get below that magical 30BMI to drop into the overweight category. Thats what I am focusing on at the moment, although I have a bit further to go than you, and it is helping me.

Good Luck. You CAN do it.
Morning everyone well my own stupid fault but I had one of my attacks which the docs think is my gallstones but waiting for more tests. So spent all night in pain and also threw up!!! Feeling like crap now but I tell u something never going to touch food again havent had one like that the whole time ive been on this diet!!!
Anyway getting my hair done today so that will make me feel better.
Thanks ladies and I shall be 100% from now on nothing is going to be better than being thin!!


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