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Feeling low and fed up!


Just call me Anne x
Sorry to post another downer post, but I just need a little encouragement.
I am almost at the end of week 2 of my SS, The first week I lost 10 lbs and i enjoyed seeing the pounds dropping on the scales each day.
But this week I have stayed the same and feeling low about it, I am experiencing totm and feeling crappy with a cold, so that doesnt help.
Just feel I should be 2 stone lighter with all the effort I've put in.
I feel like giving up, I thought I'd loose another 5lbs or so this week.
Whats going on? I get weighed on Monday

Any words of wisdom welcome x
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Hiya mummypower firstly big huge hugs and secondly TOTM can affect your weight loss i was really disheartened last night coz ive been 100% and been to the gym twice and only lost 1lb...my waist measured 2 inches bigger as do my bust and tum this week but i'm not going to let it affect me trying again this week. Sometimes the scales are mean and don't show us what we want to see BUT on the other hand sometimes our own scales can be wrong.....3weeks ago mine showed a 7lb gain when i'd actually lost 6lbs so please dont be disheartened AND IF the scales dont move on Monday it means you'll have an EVEN BIGGER loss the week after when the water's gone!!!! hugs xxx


Fed up of being fat
Aww bless, dont get down about it all too much, totm really does mess about with your weight unfortunatley, we all have the same experience each month but it evens itself out the following week usually by giving you a good loss again. Keep strong, keep posting and keep drinking the water, you are doing great, just keep thinking about where you want to be a month from now weight wise.
Cheer up. Having a cold and this damp dank weather is getting to a lot of us so that is probably part of it.

Not losing anything in week two is a bit soul destroying but try to think of it another way. What other diet would give you a five pound a week weight loss?

Hang in there and see what the next week brings.

Good luck.
Don't worry, MP. You are still losing fat; it just isn't showing yet because you're retaining water. It happens to all of us, and you just have to take the long view. A lot of people seem to get into a 'good week, bad week' pattern, and you just have to roll with it. I even gained one week (without cheating!) - but if you look at the big picture, the weight is just falling off, and it will for you too.

It's hard to stop thinking about it, especially if you're not feeling well, but I do think if you can get your mind onto other things - go for a walk? listen to loud music? do some job you've been intending to do for ages? (memo to self: must clear out the garage, must take clothes to charity shop) - you'll get some short-term achievement while the weight loss takes care of itself.

Hope you're feeling better and good luck!

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