feeling low need motivation


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hi guys i woke up this morning feeling quite low in mood and emotional not sure why but fighting the demon telling me to give it in, i have lost my first stone but another 3 to go and just need some support to inspire and motivate me, perhaps its the snow that has had me locked indoors for the past 3 days, finally its shifting!

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Hi Blush,
Sorry you are feeling down. The weather is not helping. I started on CD on 6th December so I am in my third week. I have lost 18lbs in two weeks but I have 8 stone to lose.
If we give up now we will spoil all our good work to date. I felt so bad for the first couple of days that I do not want to have to start again and would rather carry on now while I am in the zone.
Imagine how good you are going to feel come the first of January when the world and his wife will be starting a diet and you are already well on your way. You are doing really well and you will be soon half way there.
Hope you feel better and Merry Christmas.


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Hey Blush,
just wanted to say Hang in there your doing fab!! Its a hard time when you are stuck in doors.. It really is but its so worth it stick with it........ The results are amazing!!!
Read above at Ms Amas post she is a true inspiration and just looking at her pics will make you want to stick with it as she looks truly amazing!!!
Hang in there xx


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thanks guys, your right come new year i wont have to make a new yrs resolution to loose weight as i started 1st dec!
thanks for your comments they really help, il be ssing all the way till i loose the remaining weight but taking a day off for xmas and valentines

merry xmas xxx


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Keep you chin up & be strong. Just tell yourself that you can & WILL do this.


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Hi Blush, hope your ok and are feeling a bit better. I know the journey seems a long one hun but belive me it will fly by and you will be patting yourself on the back for sticking to it and feeling great as well. Hang in there hun xx.