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Feeling low :((


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Hi just need to take few things off my chest sorry for the rant in advance. Basically I'm trying to lose weight I have been for years but I'm an emotional eater and have started and stopped many diets. I have finally found a diet that suits me and keeps in control of my mind wen it comes to food ( eat stop eat diet). Anyway I have also joined the gym since jan and to be honest I never told any of my friends family etc cus they all keep asking how its goin n check you out top to bottom every week I know it sounds petty but this really gets to me n usually triggers emotional eating. Anyway cutting a very long story short few of my friends have found out, nit threw me btw. What is really upsetting me is these people r constantly looking at you n expecting big results n ask questions like "how's the gym goin?" I'm mean for god sake wot the hell do u want me to say to that!! Plus my darling sister whom I have never seen eye to eye on is also trying to lose weight and she has mire motivation then me yet because she knows I go gym now she has upped her gym sessions etc cus I'll be seeing her in a couple of months! Anyway what I'm trying to say is why o why r people making my journey hard for? Why am I letting them get to me for? Someone knock some sense in me pleeeeease xxx btw I have lost 10kgs I still have loads to go tho
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because they're probably jealous of how your gettting on.
your doing great,and will continue to do so,it's hard to ignor people especially when you see them looking at you,but
you're doing something about your weight not sitting around thinking you should do something about it.
i'll spur you on hun.:D


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Oh thanks hun feeling a little better today. and your rite they prob r jealous god knows what they r going to say wen I lose more weight! I had a lady tell tell me today the scarf I had made my face look thinner and longer! And she knows I'm going gym lol I'll take it as a compliment and say It was the scarf even tho I know it's the fact that I've prob lost weight on my face lol xxx
Hey Naz. Sorry that you're going through a hard time just now. I am as well. I've been fat all my life and I only started my 'diet' 2 weeks ago. I have also refrained from telling any of my friends (only told one person so far, and he's just an internet contact who i've never met) because I HATE people asking me 'How's the diet going?' especially after you've just had your 3rd bacon roll (haha) but yes, it's really depressing. There's some truth to the saying that you should just do it and not talk about it. It seems talking about it almost jinxes it. I tried going on a diet in the past but it failed and my friends (who all are slim and go the gym) kept on asking how the diet is going. I could see from the look in their eyes that they still thought i was a fat pig though. Hope you hang in there anyway. Here's hoping that I do too.
i can totally understand the not telling any one about it,if you have an off day,it's almost as if people know,and if you say anything then they're likely to say.
pfffffff didn't think it would work.
that's why being on here really helps,
all the people you need,because they are in the same boat,and understand.
good luck to you both,we will get there.
orrr these people are so annoying! my grandad is a diabetic, and can leave chocs (diabetic ones) and not touch them, me- cannot do that. i got chocs for mothersday. ate them- a fair few a day. and still lost weight- only 1/4apound. but he was like o i still got mine, you should just be able to leave them and not eat them all, thats no good is it.- well i'm happy i still ate what i wanted and lost weight- ok its only half a pound, but still i had a lot of choc... and it tasted soooo good!! yum yum.

One of my aunties- everytime i ate a choc used to say ooo thats another spot (at the time i used to have really bad acne)

well done you have done really well!! :)

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