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feeling low


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Hi Vicki sorry you've not been feeling so bright, honestly though the thinking positive really does help so if you think you'll feel good you more than likely will feel good.

Keep smiling honey ;)


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Sorry you didn't feel good yesterday.
I do agree with katie though, if you can think positive then you feel better.
Also, every time I think about food and think I'd like to eat that, instead of feeling sad because I can't, I remind myself that I am making the choice to be thin. I could eat whatever I want but I've been doing that for years and it doesn't make me thin. Doing this diet makes me thinner and I want that more than the food.

I did find as well that once I was past the second week, it got a lot easier - you get into the swing of things more and start forgetting the cravings.


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I could eat whatever I want but I've been doing that for years and it doesn't make me thin.
. . . and it didn't make any of us happy either, far from it.

You can do this vick, there will be tough days, but you can get through it, it is so worth it. I wouldn't go back for all the chocolate cake in the world.

You have done 12lbs so far, that is amazing, on WW/SW that would take you 4-6 weeks or more to do that.
This will change your life.
You will have done your first stone by next weigh in (in fact you probably already have). You will be out of here in no time.

Chin up, you can do it. It gets easier after the first couple of weeks.


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It's an odd feeling. In the first week you're concentrating on ketosis and getting into the swing of things, after a few weeks you get into the habit and don't think about it.

You're at the stage now where it's not brand new so you don't need to think about it all the time, but you'll find you've got lots of spare time on your hands!

You need to do something lovely for yourself, nice bubble bath, a walk in the park, shopping for clothes that wouldn't fit before etc.


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thank you so much, you've all been great,
i feel much better today, am determined to be thin and i will no matter what that is my new motto. am happy i have you all,b'cos you keep me strong and motivated.thanks again for the support :)

week 1=12lbs


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