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Extra Easy feeling massive and down!!!!

god i am feelin really heavy and fat no infact massive 2day and i do not like it at all,
this is only wk 2 and i have weird feelings about it all,
going from cambridge diet to this is abit daunting to say the least, i feel like im retaining lots of water or putting on weight, i look huge in the mirror its not good, my legs have got bigger my waist, infact everywhere is bulging its disgusting, my clothes are tighter and i keep thinkin is this right for me shall i go back to doing cambridge diet now that my blood tests results have come back clear and im normal so should reduce my weight easily (huh easier said than done cos it dont work like that 4 me god knows why??) sorry havin a moanin moment,
i just dont know what to do for the best, i cant carry on like this its getting me down and i'm maid of honour at my brotners wedding in 25wks and i cant see my bust fitting in the dress in time on this and i feel horrid at the mo i just wanna be slim and fast !!!! xx

sigh sigh sigh sorry ranting on again!!!!
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Stop panicking!
You've got 25 weeks to lose 41lb, sensible dieting will get you there and you'll be healthy.
I don't like food replacement diets, they don't teach you anything about eating properly (although I know some peope use them).
Stick to the SW plan and you will look lovely at the wedding.
Dont go back to cambridge!!
I have done it before and while its good for the weight loss the maintanence (sp) is very difficult.
I lost 7 stone in 6 months but it was impossible to maintain. I gained 2 stone back in 2 months and then fell pregnant and gained another 2!!

I have been doing sw for 3 weeks and have only lost 3lbs so far as I came straight from cd and my body needed to adjust but I am loving this new way of eating and have realised how stupid fad diets are.

Your body needs to adjust and you will then feel loads better, you can eat as normal and best of all a little slip will not set you back 2 weeks!!

Give yourself at least a month on sw before you make any big decisions but remember if you have the willpower to not eat you have the willpower to follow this healthy eating lifestyle x
When I started this diet especially the first 2 weeks, I was soooo convinced I had gained weight. First week I weighed myself I lost 4lb and the second week another 4lb. This week I lost 1lb and suddenly am noticing I'm thinner! I don't know if it's in my head or if my body needs time to catch up, but stick with it you might be surprised.
I totally agree with Wendy.

The first week I was on the plan I was eating so much and couldn't understand how this could lead to weight loss but it did. And even better (in my opinion) I'm starting to get a proper body shape rathe than just rolls everywhere!

Don't get me wrong it would be great if I could just snap my fingers and be at my goal weight but I know doing it this way will mean it should stay off too!!
The 1st 2 weeks I felt I was absolutely huge. Infact, I did seem to swell up and could acutally see my stomach getting bigger and it was solid. I stuck with it, and did lose weight both weeks. Then suddenly this week my clothes feel more comfortable and i lost the most this week. You will get there, and it will be by eating properly. I have done cambridge and it didn't really work for me.

Take care
If looking in the mirror upsets you, then don't do it. I never do. Except to make sure my hair isn't sticking out, and my makeup is on OK I don't see the point of peering at myself in the mirror.
please give sw a chance. like you I have done Cambridge and although the weight came off quickly I couldn't stick with the plan being so rigid and eventually put the weght back on and more,
I have only been to sw since 4th Jan and have lost 24.5 lbs - not much less than I lost on Cambridge but I have a life at the same time.. still eating out, having the odd cream tea and enjoying cooking and eating with the family ... I am learning portion control and will hopefully learn some lessons that will help me maintian my lose...
Like you I started off feeling fat, ugly and disgusting becuase I was so ashamed that I let myself get as big as I had but like the others have said - that was more to do with how I saw myself and not the reality of how I was... I have now gone from a very tight size 24 jeans to a very comfortable size 22 ........ and I love it ...
you have plenty of time to get to your goal weight on SW .. you go for it !!!

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