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  1. notthegirlnextdoor

    notthegirlnextdoor New Member

    Joined WW 3 weeks ago. I have around 21lbs to lose. The first week I lost 1.5lbs and the second week I stalled. Couldn't make it to meeting this week so weighed at home and I've gained 4lbs! This happened last time I was doing PPs. Lose stall gain lose stall stall gain stall lose. Its so disheartening and I only used 20 of my Weekly Points.
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  3. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Try using all of your weeklys. I know it sounds odd but when i started i only used my dailys and lost 5lb first week but after that i started to gain it all nack over the following 3 weeks even though i was still using only my dailys. The following week i used all of my weeklys aswell and lost 4lb and have consistently lost since by using all of my pps.

    Each pp is about 50 calories so you need to eat your weeklys aswell otherwise your body will go into starvation mode. Give it a go but obviously if your going to use your extras on sweetys etc it wont have the same effect as using it on healthy extras to boost meals or snack on. I tend to use my on items like sweetcorn and baked beans which are healthy but add a lot of bulk to my meals. I do treat myself but i know a chocolate bar and a tin of baked beans although yhe same pp value wont give me the same fullness as each other haha
  4. bessie84

    bessie84 Silver Member

    i agree with loulou - dont let it make you give up. eat all ya dailies / weeklies. its a rough ride at times, but its going in the right direction. just think if they were gains instead of losses.

    keep going, ya doing great x
  5. carrieclaus

    carrieclaus Gold Member

    The same happened to my mum, she was struggling for ages and eventually before she gave up someone said to do the diet as its meant to me done and after that she had a big 5lb loss then always had 1-3lbs losses weekly. Before you give up just try it. Xxx

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